Feel Comfortable Remembering and Healing from Your Own Past Lives

Do you have questions about past life regression? I am here to help you feel comfortable remembering and healing from your own past lives. James Vitale of Remote Viewing Radio, interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday, October 30, 2012. It is a 90 minute show.

Click HERE to listen to the replay.

Still have a question about past life regression? Post it in the comments…

The path we travel is long and varied in each lifetime


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jaxremoteviewing
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 15:15:41

    It’s going to be a great show!


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  3. Jacki SeiWell
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 10:07:32

    will try to remember to listen in. sounds good


  4. Karen Kubicko
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 10:19:18

    Thanks Jacki!


  5. bluebutterfliesandme
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 16:25:59

    How exciting Karen! The 30th is my birthday but if I am seating by computer I will listen live. Otherwise i will listen in the archives.


  6. Karen Kubicko
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 16:39:45

    Happy Birthday Sindy! Do something fun that day!
    The recording will be available after Tuesday’s show.


  7. jamie
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 17:28:23

    I just stumbled on your blog while searching word press. I have a ton of questions about past lives and reincarnation. Something really strange going on in my life but not sure I feel comfortable pouring out my secrets on a blog. Any chance you have an e-mail that I can contact you at?


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