Intuitive Healing

We try to learn more about ourselves so we can grow. Our growth raises our vibration and brightens our being.IMG_3917

I believe we all have degrees of intuition—just like any other talent. We are born with psychic abilities, it is whether or not we come into a family who cultivates our innate talents as we grow. Just think about when you get a gut feeling on something…. that is your intuition (psychic abilities) working.

Over the last few years, I have been working on honing my talents as a intuitive. I work with people who are willing to heal on a deep emotional and energetic level due to a trauma in this life or past lives and are interested in getting acquainted with their spirit guides and angels to allow them to guide the healing. In a sense, I can provide an introduction to your spirit guide group (YES you have a group of them), angels, past lives and passed over loved ones who are all here to help you get through this lifetime. If any trauma, relationship, health issue, etc. needs addressed and you are ready to heal on all levels, it will be presented and healed through a process called soul retrieval.

If you are interested, please contact me directly to set up an appointment. Email to schedule.



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