Christmas is Coming This Week—The Present? A Deeper Understanding of the Universe.

You know that excited feeling that something wonderful is going to happen … like Santa is coming with lots of presents and you cannot sleep excitement?

That is how I feel about theI love when the snow sticks to everything upcoming movie Cloud Atlas.

Christmas comes on October 26th this year for me. That movie resonates so deeply with all the writing I have been doing over the past two years.

The belief that we have been here before in other lifetimes and that we will experience future lifetimes is woven so deep within us.

I believe an understanding of this topic is spreading throughout the collective unconscious (or universal consciousness) very quickly.

I am passionate about writing this book, the movie Cloud Atlas (and many other movies), meeting lots (I mean LOTS) of new people who are interested in the topic of past lives and the noticeable increase in references to this subject in cartoons, etc. … Wow.


I am ready to open presents now.


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  1. Karen Kubicko
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 19:21:10


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