Healing Changes in Life

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I have posted a blog. OH DEAR.

But I do know why. I have been undertaking A LOT of changes in my life. I have been metamorphosing.

I have removed myself from a detrimental relationship, moved twice and was in a serious car accident (from which I am still healing). Now, I am in a new home that I love with my two most favorite people, my children. I am working at a job where I can use my skills (and keeps me very busy). I have seriously honed my psychic skills (OMG cool! If you are interested in knowing more, I have updated the Intuitive Healing section of this blog. I seriously LOVE my psychic friends.) And I am making time to paint what I see on the other side. (Here is my recent painting of what The Light looks like to me after death. The Light is way more sparkly, but this is close.) I am especially loving the time I get to teach metaphysics and heal others through past life regression and soul retrieval. I sit here typing as part of my therapy to recover from the serious concussion I have from the car accident.

Life IS getting better every day.



I send my love to you and all those sweet readers who posted questions and comments that I have not had time to give my full attention to until now. I fully appreciate your patience.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alethea Kehas
    May 04, 2016 @ 05:58:58

    Beautiful, Karen. xo


  2. Cheryl Alsippi
    May 04, 2016 @ 07:14:00

    Beautiful picture Karen. Glad you are back posting.


  3. Jeanne Weideman
    May 04, 2016 @ 09:22:28

    i am a big fan of your paintings! Sending love ❤


  4. untoldbridgesecrets
    May 04, 2016 @ 10:09:15

    Your artwork is a real blessing. I felt quite joyous when I saw it. Thanks for sharing.
    Cathy H.


  5. yachna
    May 04, 2016 @ 20:38:48

    We did miss you Karen. Sorry to hear about the accident. Wish you a speedy healing.


  6. Connie
    May 05, 2016 @ 12:42:06

    Will keep you and the family in my prayers…


  7. Aaron
    May 05, 2016 @ 16:13:31

    Welcome back!


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