Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Fair in Bow, NH July 7, 2018


BOW, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Ask questions to a psychic. Learn about past life regression. See how a pendulum works. Feel the energy of crystals. All this and more can be found at the Bow Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Fair on Saturday, July 7, 2018 from 10am until 4pm at the Bow Community Center, 3 Bow Center Road in Bow, New Hampshire. Admission to the fair is free and open to all ages. It is encouraged for families to attend together and explore the offerings. Hourly empowerment and mindfulness workshops are free of charge, and sessions will be available for paid services such as energy healings and intuitive readings. Handmade items and healing jewelry will also be for sale.

Alethea Kehas, owner of Inner Truth Healing and Yoga, said, “We are very excited about bringing a Mind, Body Spirit Wellness Fair to Bow. We look forward to meeting many individuals and families with inquiring minds visit the fair and experience the many classes and services offered.”

The Bow Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Fair brings the services and skills of many local healers and psychic intuitive readers. This Fair is being hosted by local businesswoman, Alethea Kehas, owner of Inner Truth Healing & Yoga located in Bow and Karen Kubicko, author, psychic intuitive and past life regressionist.


Bow, NH Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness Fair
Bow Community Center
3 Bow Center Road
Bow, NH 03304

July 7, 2018


Healing Changes in Life

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I have posted a blog. OH DEAR.

But I do know why. I have been undertaking A LOT of changes in my life. I have been metamorphosing.

I have removed myself from a detrimental relationship, moved twice and was in a serious car accident (from which I am still healing). Now, I am in a new home that I love with my two most favorite people, my children. I am working at a job where I can use my skills (and keeps me very busy). I have seriously honed my psychic skills (OMG cool! If you are interested in knowing more, I have updated the Intuitive Healing section of this blog. I seriously LOVE my psychic friends.) And I am making time to paint what I see on the other side. (Here is my recent painting of what The Light looks like to me after death. The Light is way more sparkly, but this is close.) I am especially loving the time I get to teach metaphysics and heal others through past life regression and soul retrieval. I sit here typing as part of my therapy to recover from the serious concussion I have from the car accident.

Life IS getting better every day.



I send my love to you and all those sweet readers who posted questions and comments that I have not had time to give my full attention to until now. I fully appreciate your patience.

What Happens AFTER Death?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have seen my death in a past life around 20+ times out of the approximately 50 past lives I have remembered.The Light


It is always the same pattern of events: 

When I die, I realize I am dead and look down at my body (sometimes in disbelief) as

I am always above it.

I hover around and check out the surroundings, often seeing a higher perspective of the death scene.

Sometimes I go check on my loved ones I have left behind. (I am a ghost at this point so as I think of where I want to go, I am there.)

I see and talk to one of my spirit guides who has been watching over me my whole life.

All the while, there is a large opening of golden, glistening, bright energy on my right with a very warm, loving, inviting entrance.

It feels like LOVE.

I step up slightly and walk into The Light.

It is a short tunnel.

As I walk into The Light, if I look at the lifetime scene I am leaving, it fades away as the entrance to Heaven becomes clearer.

I enter the Greeting Room where most of my spirit guides are again waiting for me, as well as any passed over loved ones and many others. Sometimes animals are there too.

Then, only after greeting each and every person who came to see me arrive at Heaven, I go through a door on the left into a Healing Room. There, I am greeted by tall angels who shower me with healing LOVE. Afterwards, I sometimes rest on a bed with chakra colored blankets.

Once I am deemed healed, I walk down a long tunnel into Heaven. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. I walk out into a beautiful garden area with a large fountain. There are many buildings too.

Once here, I am able to be alerted when someone is thinking of me down on Earth and … since there is no time … I can watch over and visit them anytime.

What the Healing Room in Heaven is Like…

The healing angelThere IS a healing room in Heaven.

I have been there and have seen it many times after remembering a death scene in many of my past lives during a past life regression (or PLR). It is a slightly different experience every time – since I died in different ways each lifetime. I have  walked into the light in about 20 of the 50 lifetimes I have remembered.

First, please understand that there is no time after we die as well as while we are in Heaven. It is a very hard concept for us to wrap our heads around. When I have visited the healing room in Heaven it seemed short sometimes and long other times. Since there is no time, I have no idea how long. It could be years in our terms.

Once there, Angels much taller than me poured LOVE energy down through me and especially to where I needed healing – dependent upon how I died and my life experiences.

Sometimes I would lie in a bed with solid colored blankets that would match the color of a chakra that needed healing from that lifetime. I know I stayed there a long time, but during the past life regression I could move on to the next important event, so I have no reference of time.

I found this picture of an angel standing over a women … this is what it was like. Except it was more like a glistening room instead of clouds.

Sometimes I would have one healing angel. Sometimes I had many more. I remembered seven healing angels all around me after one difficult lifetime. It feels soooo incredible. It is soo loving …. there are no words to describe how deeply penetrating the love is.


We are loved more than we know.

How to Meditate – Start with Just ONE Minute

How do you meditate?

There are thousands of ways.

The important thing is to not try. Trying stops the process of relaxing. Allow instead.

For me, meditating took a looooong time of:

The Keeper of the Threshold by Elihu Vedder 1897


trying …

reading about it …

trying …

giving up for a while …

reading some more …

trying walking meditation … (Felt silly to me-how can you meditate when you have to watch where you are going?)

giving up for a very long while again …

learning about guided meditation and self-hypnosis …

tried it nearly every day for a month …

and then one day, I got it.

I learned to really relax. To allow. To be okay when your mind starts to chatter (it could be messages that your guides are trying to get to you).

Then I remembered a past life where I taught a completely different kind of meditation. That day, I really got how it meditation worked. Sigh. Finally.

The best advice I ever read was that you can meditate for one minute.

A minute is easy.

Here is how: Focus on your breath. (And since I like to give my brain something to do …) I say to myself, “Breathe in love, breathe out fear” as I inhale and exhale. Just start with one minute.

The cool part of this short meditation is that you can do it anywhere – waiting in line, waiting for the microwave to beep, etc.

Try it. Take a minute. Let me know how it goes.

(I hope your attempts at understanding meditation goes faster for you. It took me years.)

Thank you for inspiring this blog post Shree!

How Can You Tell if a Past Life Memory is Real or Imagination?

a regression can be a litle fuzzyBottom line, it is the emotions that you feel … that will be your answer.

Notice the emotions you feel – if they are strong (sometimes very strong if it is a death scene or another emotional scene) you have definitely gotten to a past life memory.

Brian Weiss says that even if you feel that it is made-up or it feels like imagination, it all comes from you and can be beneficial and healing to you. Healing is the point of a past life regression, so if you think it is imagination and you healed from the experience, then what does it matter. Some people, who do not believe in past lives, do regressions under the belief that it is all imagination, yet can still reap the cathartic benefits.

It may sometimes feel as though it is imagination, but often this is often your ego butting in or your rational mind trying to stop the memory.

I have personally had a few experiences that seemed a little like imagination at first. (For a past life regression to go really well for you, you must be open to it and to TRUST whatever information comes to you.) But, as the regression progressed, it was definitely not imagination.

Also, if you do regressions more than once, then the next time (or times afterwards) you remember this same lifetime, the story does not change, but more details from that life are remembered. This is also another way to know it is not your imagination.

For me, I get tears in my eyes when something tragic is starting to be remembered and often cry (sometimes a lot) when a memory like that is coming through. It can be that emotional. It can be tears of joy as well, like when recognizing someone from this life in one of your past lives or for me, hearing music I loved.

Afraid to Talk About Metaphysics?

I wonder how many people are out there having paranormal or metaphysical or unexplainable experiences and never tell anyone … afraid that others may think they are nuts. I am sure each and every person you have ever met has had something happen to or for them.

Like for example, I have a friend. She thinks she may have had a past life in the South (large dress included). She used to have dreams of it. However because of her religious background, she does not think there is such a thing as past lives.

Seems silly, right? Not really. We have been told repeatedly that there are rules to follow and consequences, the possibility of ostracization from friends and family for “different” beliefs, etc. This adds to our fear—greatly.

Life is to have fun - so pick up some leaves

Even myself, I had a really strange fear that I would be harmed or killed for talking about metaphysical ideals. At that time, I never, ever talked about metaphysics online. I rarely brought it up with my friends or family. I just read about it and talked about it to a few friends that were already okay with it.

In August of 2011, I remembered a past life in which I taught metaphysics, but was eventually killed for teaching it.

I recognized that … wait a minute … I reach down and feel my body … Yep, I am still here.

I realized, OMG. What IS the worry?Life is to have fun - play with nature

I started my social media platform for my bookLife Is Just Another Class–One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, in September 2011. Prior to that month, I had one rarely used Facebook account.

Here I am, FEARLESSLY, talking about the book I wrote on sixteen of my personal past lives. In addition, I talk about other metaphysical subject matter too.

Eventually, most of us will feel safe and secure in talking about seeing a ghost, having a premonition, remembering a past life, seeing auras, seeing an angel or even listening to intuition (it is not just voices in our heads; they are messages of guidance you know – just one way we can listen to our intuition).

Life is to have fun - so let the leaves float down all around you

Some people talk, write or even speak about metaphysics, but do not use their real name. I have found books, etc. that say in the first paragraph that it was written under a pen name. (I use my real name by the way in case you are wondering.)

Some people I know open other, alternate accounts with names like (and I am making this up for example – so if this is a name you use, sorry) “Metaphysical Being” or “Star Love Child” for this metaphysical part of their world.

We do whatever makes us comfortable. And, that is okay. I know how they feel. It is all about feeling safe and secure.


Who knows, maybe they died for it in a past life too.

If you have a fear and want to see if remembering a past life can help, try listening to a meditation to remember a past life right now.

The Great Gasby and My Life in the 1920s

You know, I have always loved the Roaring 1920s. Always. I am not sure exactly when I started liking this era, but it seems like forever. I have always wanted to have my hair fixed in a cute little finger wave bob. (Goodness knows, I have tried.)

But why?

Since I was in grade school, I have loved the 1920s anything. I used to say, “I must have had a past life in the 1920s.” I never knew that for sure until a few years ago when I remembered being Helen Merkowitz who died tragically in 1927.

(More on that in my number one searched blog post: “Do Birthmarks Disappear When a Past Life is Remembered?” Mercy, can you believe I posted my high school photos!?!)

I love 1920s clothes, the dancing, the music… Ahhhh, Big Band music. I really enjoy listening to that.

Ginger Rogers – Charleston Scene from Roxie Hart (1942)

The Roaring 20s, flappers dancing the Charleston

Today, I am thinking of Helen since the movie, The Great Gasby, is coming out. I wish I had read the book in high school, as most others have. (It is never too late to read it.) I look forward to watching the movie today.

The only reason I am seeing it, is because it is about the 1920s … really. I love looking at their fashion, hair, décor … all of it. The men’s suits … eye candy to me. The women’s fashion … comfortable, sexy and beautiful.

As Helen, I remembered saving money to buy an outfit for my night of dancing. I had it laid out on the bed ready to wear for the evening and admiringly loved it. During the regression, I went into great detail to describe it … even commenting that it was uncomfortable to wear a slip under the dress, but “appropriate” to do so. It is so funny the details I chose to remember from a past life.

Remembering that lifetime was very healing for me. By a surprise to me, the birthmark on my neck (which resembled a bullet hole) faded noticeably since I remembered this past life—that in and of itself was unexpected and cool. However, now I know why I love the Roaring 20s so much. I really did enjoy myself in that lifetime—until the mob shot me during one night out in an illegal club, of course.

Prohibition prevented me from going out dancing. Dancing must be in my soul… I do LOVE it. I apparently loved it so much as Helen, I risked my life for it.

The other day, I got the opportunity to go out dancing. I noticed a few people wearing fashion that was reminiscent of the 1920s style (fringes and all) … oh please, please, please, do come back into style … I would wear it. Absolutely.

(Do you want to read more on Helen? Do you know someone who works at a publisher?)

What do you love … and cannot explain?

Do You Have Questions on Past Life Regression?

Let me help you feel more comfortable remembering your own past lives…

Ask me a question

I am excited to announce I was interviewed on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 at 8 pm EST by Brad Simkins of the Inner Guide Empowerment Blog Talk Radio Show. We  discussed how life truly is just another class and the healing that can happen through remembering past lives.

I shared the account of my soul’s journey through life, death and going into the light and how it has healed me on multiple levels in the hopes that I will inspire and excite you to go fearlessly on your own soul’s healing journey.

My book (I just finished editing and updating), Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression, is an account of not one, but sixteen of my past lives and the emotional, spiritual and physical healing that has positively influenced my present lifetime.

Inner Guide Empowerment Radio Show is a heart-centered, purpose-driven show to bring healing and positive energy to individuals and communities throughout the world.

If you have questions… let me know! I will be happy to try to answer them.

On Picking a New Lifetime – The Slide Show of Choices

After re-experiencing a past life death, I see the Light. It shimmers in gold and oozes love.The Light (well, actually I took a photo of the sun, it looks just like it.)

I wanted to know more. I wanted to walk in through. One day, not that long ago, I did. I thought it would be hard, but it was not. My fabulous, awesome, loving, patient, (I could keep going) spirit guides led the way.

After walking through the light and visiting with the Healing Angels, I walk out into the rest of Heaven. I see gardens and a long walkway. My guides told me that I was only ready to see a few of the buildings present there. I visited the Hall of Records that houses each and every soul’s Akashic record.

I wanted to know what would happen in my very next lifetime. I include sixteen past lifetimes in the book I have written, Life Is Just Another Class–One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression. I wanted to see how I picked the next life. The first few times I entered, I called the building the “life picker building.”

I could not read the building’s name. The words are in Sanskrit. (I had to call it something.) My spirit guide assures me that when I am really there and not just visiting, as I do during a past life regression, I can read it.

In this building, I meet with a councilmember on my spirit guide team. After I visited this building a few times, my spirit guide thought it was funny I called it the “life-picker building” and told me that the proper name was Educational Studies (as it is engraved on the front) or called the Education and Studies building.

I walk up the steps to the Greek-style building and enter a beautifully carved arched doorway. Once I open the door, I enter a waiting room. (There is not much of a wait though.) I could enter five potential rooms. A councilmember walks out to greet me and we enter a room together.

Inside the hexagon-shaped meeting room there is one chair. I sit in it. My councilmember stands to the right of me. I have met three different members. Usually there is just one member, but once two of them were there to help me. They are all very loving and supportive. They remind me that it is still my free will to choose a next life.

In front of me, I see five walls that double as individual movie screens. When I am ready, they show me anywhere from two to five lifetime choices. I have asked for more to choose from and I have immediately eliminated a few. Each choice is based on the lessons I had chosen long before I started incarnating.

Dear spirit guides ... thank you for this life ... I have finally learned how to live.

I have seen this room after sixteen different past lifetimes. It is as though I have gotten the chance to re-witnessed what I have picked sixteen times, but it feels like I am actually picking at the time I re-experience this.

Once, I picked the very next lifetime included in my book. That was cool.

The movies are not a straight through preview of the entire next life. They are short snippets of parts of the life. It is played like a moving slide show. They all play at once. Surprisingly, it is not hard to watch more than one lifetime choice.

Then I pick one and I focus on it to see if I like it for sure.

Hard to imagine sometimes, but you picked your life.

You Chose this Life

You chose your life and all its trials and tribulations.

(Hard to fathom, right!)

In my book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I have written the stories of sixteen of my past lives. Over the past two months, I walked in through the light at the end of each of these past lives and caught glimpses of my next lifetimes.Life Is Just Another Class-One Soul's Journey Through Past Life Regression

I added this information to my book (plus 8000 more words – eek!)

I chose this life and all the ones I have experienced before. We all choose.

I was given anywhere from two to five lives to pick from based on what I CHOSE to learn. My spirit guides lovingly helped to show me the way. My council members worked with me to pick the best choice in a Greek-style building called Educational Studies which I affectionately called the “life-picker building.” (They thought that was funny—our guides are so easy going and fun!)

Always, it was our own free will to choose to come here and to learn in this class called life. Always.

This weekend, I will re-read my entire manuscript, make some final edits and send the updates to my loving literary agent.

Life is good.

Thank you for being a part of my life. We chose each other.


Drink from the Water of Life.

As I walk down alongside a waterfall, I hear the words, “Drink from the water of life.” I smile. I reach over and drink a handful.

drink from the water of life

During the relaxation part of going into a past life regression—often called the induction—I use the imagery of stairs leading into a garden.

In all the times I have participated in past life regressions, my garden has been the same to me. I usually see a wooded forest with a favorite maple tree from my childhood. There is a small pond, butterflies and soft grass. Sometimes there is a bench, but usually I just sit under my maple tree in the grass. A few rocks grace the edge of the pond. A dragonfly can be seen flitting over the water. Nice, right?

During my last session, my garden changed to something quite a bit different.

I saw my stairs cascading down alongside of a very steep waterfall. There were lots of rainbows (my favorite) in the mist, billowing up towards me as I descended the stairs (symbolic of going deeper in consciousness). The waterfall above (my photo from Maui) shows a very similar waterfall, except that I was standing at the edge looking down from the top, completely unafraid. I walk down the steep stairs partway.

Then, I heard the words,

“Drink from the water of life.”

So, I reached over, scooped up some water and drank a handful.

These words have so much meaning to them. In the past month, I have heard and seen so much more than what there is on this Earth. A lot of it is profound. This interaction was mere moments, but wonderful to experience.

I thank my spirit guides and angels for bringing me this experience and the ability to share it with you. Thank you for being a part of my universe.

Life Is Good … But it Gets Better When You Start to See the Synchronicity

Synchronicity.the sun in my hand

In the past six months or so, I have noticed the word synchronicity a lot. A lot is an understatement. It is more than once a day.

Tonight, I am working on adding what happens once I go into the light in between the sixteen lifetimes I include in the book I am nearly finished writing. I have ten lifetime chapters updated so far.

During the in between life period, I am able to chat with my spirit guides and on occasion, angels. It is as though they are sitting in my living room—truly remarkable. I wish I had known this, years ago. (They say anyone can do this by the way.) We are so loved.

After one particularly difficult lifetime, the angel said, “It seems like lives are tossed around randomly, but it is all for a reason and synchronicity is occurring.”

In typing in this quote by an angel that greeted me in the light, I felt compelled to look up the word synchronicity.

Of course, I visit Wikipedia’s listing on Synchronicity.

Who knew Jung was the one who introduced the concept? I did not.

He goes on to say that synchronicity has parallels to aspects of relativity theory (Albert Einstein) and quantum mechanics (Wolfgang Pauli).

I do love Einstein and have half a blog post written on quantum theory… synchronicity at work.

No sooner had I finished reading the Wikipedia information, I was notified of a new comment on my blog. This comment led me to read more on Linda’s blog. She has a few postings, one of which is on (can you guess?) synchronicity.


More synchronicity.

It gets better. Within her blog she talks about a song I like. I just found out who actually sang it in the past few weeks thanks to a good friend. She quoted some of the words to it.

Yes, I said aloud, “Shut up!”

She ends her blog with one of my favorite paintings by Dali (of which I have re-painted a small section of that hangs on the wall at my sister’s house. I like it that much.)

Life is good … but it gets better when you start to see the synchronicity.

Posts on Synchronicity:

Linda’s post mentioned above: Calendars and Collisions

My beautiful blue butterfly friend Sindy – her post on Synchronicity: Communion

Can You Visit Heaven Without Really Dying?

I think, yes, if you are determined and persistent, you can. (In other words, there is no reason anyone needs to experience a near death experience to see Heaven.) By persistence, I mean, this may take one past life session or many sessions and years to accomplish. Don’t give up.

Start with re-experiencing a past life. Once a past life is remembered, you now have a bridge to a memory that can lead to visiting Heaven. For me, I often start out remembering a past life at the death scene or earlier the last day in that life. Often, I have only remembered the final day of a past life.

Allow yourself time to heal from this moment. Usually it is emotional.

A view from on top the clouds

Then look around at what you are experiencing and feeling after you leave your body. In spirit, I feel lighter, relieved to be less burdened with the dense weight of a body.

At this point, I see my lifeless body below me or beside me. I often stand there in disbelief as to what happened, staring at it. It is at this point I realize I had died.

I look around. Things seem a little different, but mostly the same.

For me, the light appears always to the right of where I am.

The light looks like sunshine to me. It is golden, yellow, glistening and very bright, but it does not hurt my eyes. I sometimes see silhouettes of others waiting to greet me in the light.

Nearly always, there is someone waiting for me upon my death. Either a loved one, friend or spirit guide comes to help me transition into the light, the door to Heaven.

My spirit guide told me after one lifetime, that I could get lost if I do not enter the light with him. (Note: Don’t be a lost soul, go into the light. I often wonder if this is why bugs are so adamantly attracted to a light.)

I have floated into the light, walked into the light and once I sat on the edge of the light.

A few times, I did wait to enter the light because I wanted to check on my loved ones first. The light was there, waiting for me when I felt my loved ones would be fine.

As I enter the light, my life here on Earth fades away. At the same time, those waiting to greet me become clearer and clearer. I can hear them saying hello (or bienvenue).

After I greet each person (and sometimes pets and other loved animals), I walk towards the left to visit with the healing angels. The people who greet me include those I lost in that lifetime, spirit guides, friends, neighbors, relatives. This group often includes my favorite pets, horses, etc. It is a party!

A visit with the healing angels is very loving and of course, healing. It feels like love is being poured down through your entire being. When the healing is complete, I rest a while. When I am well rested, I walk down a tunnel-like hallway to exit this area. It glistens and has the appearance of the iconic “light at the end of the tunnel.” There is no door at the end of this tunnel so it does appear bright.

What you choose to do, experience or see next is up to you.

What would you like to see or experience?

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