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How to Prepare for a Past Life Regression Session

I have been asked this question a few times… How do you prepare for a past life regression? Well, you really don’t have to do anything, but relax. For preparation, just come as you are. I would recommend eating a … Continue reading

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Learn About and Experience a Past Life

Have you ever wondered… Can you really heal from remembering  a past life? Can you have the near death experience without really dying? Do  you watch over your loved ones after death? The answer is yes to all these  questions. … Continue reading

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Angels are Beings of Light that Shine Unconditional Love on Us.

Yesterday while working on my book, I received a very clear message from my angels that they are around me. How do I know, you ask? Let me tell you … I am writing a book about sixteen of my … Continue reading

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Can I Inspire You?

Have you ever wondered: Can you really heal from re-experiencing a past life? Have you shared a past life with someone from this lifetime before? What does death feel like? What happens immediately after you die? Can you have a … Continue reading

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I was Regressed by Dr. Brian Weiss during his Past Life Regression Class at Omega in New York

Early in 2007, I looked online to see what other Brian Weiss books I may be missing. I had the great fortune of coming across Brian’s website and saw that he was hosting a few classes at Omega in Rhinebeck, … Continue reading

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Travel back in Time (through self-hypnosis) with Christopher Reeve

Do you have a movie, that if you are really feeling like taking a break from life, you watch? I do. My all time favorite movie is Somewhere in Time. I have watched this movie over a hundred times in … Continue reading

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