Word of the day: numinous 

One of our divine gifts ~ Rainbow falls in Hawaii


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  1. fpdorchak
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 13:33:43

    Funny, searching for this word in the dictionary, I landed on a page that had “Mongol Empire” at the top of it, before finding the right page. I believe I lived a life during the Mongol reign, and I’d just previously checked out your posts about past lives, famous lives, etc., and someone else’s near-death experience. Synchronicity. Whispers from the past. Numinous. :-]


  2. Karen Kubicko
    Jan 05, 2013 @ 15:18:43

    Hello F.P. Dorchak! Synchronicity is fun – I think it is the same as the Law of Attraction (what you think about or focus upon, comes to you).
    That is cool about the Mongol reign potential.
    I love your line, “Whispers from the past.” Can I quote you on that?
    I came across the word numinous and was surprised I had not seen it in all the years I have been reading about new age or metaphysical ideals.
    It is fun to say and it has such a great meaning.


    • fpdorchak
      Jan 06, 2013 @ 10:28:53

      Thanks, and sure. :-]

      But it is like that—at least for me. My previous lives don’t usually come barreling at me with a full brass band. It’s usually *like* whispers from the past (maybe future, too? Eh, think not; feel this is my last incarnation). Daydreams (like my WWII tail gunner guy). When certain images keep making themselves known, certain predispositions, kinda thing. Dreams. Situations like above (well, I’d already known about the Mongol timeline, had even written a still-as-yet-unpub’d fiction manuscript involving it). Don’t ignore nor discount the subtle, the fleeting…the kiss of a whisper….


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