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In Time … In the NOW

Time. It’s elusive. Wished for. Asked for. Yet, not really there. It is so relative. You want more time when you are having fun. (Of course.) You dread the time when you wait or have to endure something that is … Continue reading

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What the Healing Room in Heaven is Like…

There IS a healing room in Heaven. I have been there and have seen it many times after remembering a death scene in many of my past lives during a past life regression (or PLR). It is a slightly different … Continue reading

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Is Time Warped?

Is time warped while participating in a past life regression? It is well known that Albert Einstein stated that time is relative. He also said, “… for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an … Continue reading

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Time from a Heaven Perspective

During a past life regression a few weeks ago I was able to walk in through the light (YES ~ VERY COOL!) There, I had a loving conversation with my spirit guide—it was filled with guidance and words of wisdom. … Continue reading

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Life is Just a Video Game, You Only…

Another thought of the day by my 13-year-old son: “Life is just a video game, you only get one life at a time.” ~ by Kyle Kubicko

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