Hypnosis Is a Natural State of Mind

Hypnosis is just focused concentration. You do it every day. 

Have you ever driven your car and ended up at home, not remembering the journey?

Have you ever been writing your blog and someone walks up behind you, causing you to jump out of your chair?

Have you ever been in the middle of reading that next great book and a loud noise causes you to let out a scream?

A state of peace.

If you have experienced any of the above, you have been in a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. Depending upon how focused you were doing any of the above, you could have been in a very light to a much deeper hypnotic state.

There are scientific words to describe the four brainwave frequency levels that a person can go through or enter while being hypnotically regressed: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. An electroencephalogram (EEG) can measure these levels. Beta is when we are awake, alert and fully aware of our surroundings. Alpha is when we are relaxed, maybe daydreaming or even in a light hypnotic state. Theta is a meditative, drowsy or deep hypnotic state. Finally, there is Delta—the state we are in during a deep sleep.

For past life regression via hypnosis one can go through all the stages, but mostly the brain stays in a Theta state.


What state are you in?



Ron Howard Where are You?

I had this really fantastic dream a month ago. It was very real and Ron Howard was in it. So far, most of it has come true.

But, before I go on, you have to know a bit about me. If you have checked out my website (www.karenkubicko.com) you will know that I am working on a book that is about sixteen of my past lives. I have 42,000 plus words so far. I am working on trying to figure out a good way to flow information on how my past lives have affected my present life. It is tricky. I think I have decided on a way to make it flow the best. I will keep you posted. (I would love to find a book editor, literary agent and publisher that are metaphysically minded so we can work together.)

I made a YouTube video that touches on one of my past lives in Europe during WWII (look up Karen Kubicko). And I recently entered a local contest for a movie short that touches on one of my past lives in 1927 when I was a flapper girl – where I just wanted to dance and party. I have also sent out a few book proposals with more ready to send.

I just realized that of the sixteen lives I have re-experienced and included in my book, the last eleven of my lifetimes (including my life now) are NEARLY CONSECUTIVE SINCE 1449 AD. There is as little as one year to 38 years between most of the lives, but after two very difficult ones, there are 81 and 87 years until my next lifetime starts. Astonishing! I have remembered nearly forty past lives, so I’ll bet that if I look through my notes I may be able to plug in a few more lives within this time period of nearly 563 years. Holy crap – that is awesome! Since 1449…

Why do I feel ancient all of a sudden? 563 years is a long time… relatively.

Back to the dream: I am in a beautiful building downtown that has this fabulous open-air elevator. I decide to ride it to the top for fun. Someone gets off the elevator on the 12th floor. I am excited, I can’t wait… I want to ride it to the 48th floor – all the way to the top. But instead, it starts going back down to the first floor. I turn to look behind me and there is Ron Howard. He adjusts his ball cap. He says he wants to talk to me about a movie deal and the printing of my book… could I come with him? “Of course,” I say with much enthusiasm. He takes me to a room prepared with his secretary where I see papers, a contract and a mock-up of my book, “One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression” sitting on their desk. I sign the contract. He hands me a large advance check. I am so excited, I could burst.

(What a great dream so far. But, what happened in my dream after this transaction has literally and sometimes not-so-literally happened in real life. My real life that happened after I awoke from the dream is now inside the brackets.)

I walk out of Ron Howard’s office and into the foyer of the beautiful downtown building. [A week later, we visited downtown Pittsburgh where my absolute favorite buildings are – PPG Place. That glass is gorgeous!] I can’t decide who to call first – my family or my best friend who has supported me the most – I decide to call my friend. But, my cell phone needs charged. The battery is really low. [My phone battery died a few days later and I had to fuss with the battery to get the phone to work again.] As I work my way through the foyer up a set of stairs, I see my daughter and husband. I tell them the good news and continue outside onto a snowy sidewalk. [It does snow here in PA.]

I walk down the sidewalk where I see three cops discussing the fact that a mother had taken a pile of broken tempered glass from a student in her son’s class, so that her own son could do better on a project. The police had recovered the large pile of broken glass pieces. It sat on a nearby picnic table. I see my son walking towards me. [That same week, we all go on a Boy Scout trip to a research facility for window glass. While there, the mother of one of the boys (a very cool scientist who works there) says that she wanted to show us a neat video of how they test tempered glass, but could not since another mother at her work borrowed the tape to show her own son.] I am focused on getting to the car so I can charge my phone and start making phone calls to break the good news.  

As I walk past the cops, I overhear them chastising the one cop for wrecking into a car and slightly damaging the front end of his white cop car. It is parked in the middle of an intersection. There were no traffic signs or lights in the cop’s direction. It hit the side of another car that had a women driving. [The same week, my husband’s white truck hit into the side of a lady’s car that pulled out in front of him in an intersection. My husband had no traffic signs or light in his direction and the damage to the front of his truck looked exactly the same as it did in my dream. Everyone involved walked away unharmed. The police did come to the scene of the accident.] I walk with my son now, continuing down the snowy sidewalk towards my car. There we see a man who is working on the inside of an old building. He just dropped a stack of glass sheets. There were some shards and pieces broken off the edges. My son and I decide to help carry them in to help this man. [While we were at the Boy Scout trip to the window glass research facility, we saw stacks of sheets of glass that were broken with shards on a lab table.] I get a few cuts and wash my hands off in an old square sink inside. [I worked filing a large stack of papers in an old office and got several paper cuts which I fixed up in a nearby old square sink. This was the same week as the dream.]

Then, I woke up.

I ask: is this dream and the outcome coincidental or precognitive? What are the chances… seriously? Apparently, the chances are pretty good.

So, again, I ask: Where are you Ron Howard?

Travel back in Time (through self-hypnosis) with Christopher Reeve

Do you have a movie, that if you are really feeling like taking a break from life, you watch? I do. My all time favorite movie is Somewhere in Time. I have watched this movie over a hundred times in the last 30 (wow, it has been that long) years. I actually own the VHS version. (I know, right, I need to get the blu-ray.)

I was fascinated with this movie since it first came out in 1980. The main actors are Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Superman was very big back then, so it was fun to see Christopher Reeve in a different movie setting.

In case you are not familiar with the movie, Christopher Reeve is a playwright who is so smitten with a photograph of an actress that he travels back to the year 1912 using self-hypnosis.

It is a love story based on the 1975 novel Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson. (Which, by the way, now that I know that – thank you Wikipedia- I will have to find the book.) Ever since I first started watching this movie, I would always think, “I wonder, would self-hypnosis really take a person back in time?”