Van Gogh and the Madness Song

Was Vincent van Gogh mad?

He did stay in a madhouse for a while.

In walking through our local art museum, I came across this van Gogh painting.

Vincent van Gogh Wheat Fields after the Rain 1890

Vincent van Gogh Wheat Fields after the Rain 1890

While I was admiring his brushstrokes, I started hearing the Madness song by Muse play in my head. Was this clairaudience?

I know it is a popular song on the radio right now, but I thought it was interesting that I heard it while looking at his painting. His brush strokes are pretty fast and thick with paint. He was known to strive to paint one painting a day. I do not think that makes him mad, but purportedly getting into a fight over a women and losing an ear … well?

Was he mad? I cannot say for sure.

(Love this song though.)

I have been told that the best Dr. Who episode involves transporting van Gogh into the future to show him that his paintings are famous. The look on his face was priceless.


Angels Are There for You ~ No Matter What

The angels watch over you and walk with you. Everyday.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor as this painting demonstrates.

The true judge of self is inside of each of us. We are loved for our true inner self, not for the material things we own.

While I sat admiring this painting in our local art museum, a very friendly guide walked over to me. We had an animated conversation about the painting. She wanted to make sure I really understood what it was about – angels watch us no matter if we are rich or poor. (I liked it for the angels and had not really noticed the difference in clothing.)

The King and the Shepherd (1888) by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

This painting, The King and the Shepherd (1888) by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, is displayed at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, PA. The description next to it says:

” The artist’s introduction of angels leading each traveler by the hand is unusual, as is the single figure who represents each group. The pairings visually suggest the equality, in the face of divinity, between the wealthy king and the humble peasant. In the context of the enormous social inequalities rife in Victorian England, this message smacked of social and political radicalism. The Latin description of the journey of the shepherds: ‘Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has made knows to us’ (Luke 2:15)”

I think it is interesting that each of them is being led from a different path to one that joins together. While the path does not go further, I believe it is because they have reached the end of their lives. It is at that point that material things do not matter.

I have always enjoyed looking at the detail and brushstrokes of this painting, but with a more in depth meaning to it, this painting means so much more to me today. I am glad to share it with you.

Nature’s Love

A little something I painted last night.

Nature’s Love is in honor of the many signs of love I see in the nature all around us.
One just needs to seek and you will find.

I have hidden a heart in my painting. Can you find it?
(The oil is still wet so it is a little shiny in the photo.)

Nature's Love by Karen Kubicko

Nature’s Love by Karen Kubicko

I wondered if I looked at the stars and you did too, it would seem as though you are not too far … I had to add them to the painting.

See if you can find the love in nature…

Dream Day in Paris

I read an article the other day that said everyone should write their own horoscope. I thought, what a nice way to do a little law of attraction work. Some horoscopes are written for a year, month, week or day. This gave me the idea to write about my perfect dream day. I challenge you to write (or even daydream about) your dream day.

(Just letting you know that Sponge Bob’s song “The Best Day Ever” just popped in my mind. I think I listened to that CD one time too many when my kids were younger.)

Today, I am working on the social media aspect for my book: Life is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression. (Every author should have a platform across the internet and beyond.) Are you interested in finding out more about my book? You can be one of the first to read Chapter 9 – the story of my lifetime as Howard Duish from the 1600’s. Plus, I include excerpts from seven additional chapters so you can learn how Howard made an impact in my current lifetime. I am writing this book as a tool to help you feel comfortable with remembering your own past lives. Sign up for chapter 9.

My Dream Day:

I wake up just in time to see the sunrise. As I look out the window over Paris, I breathe in the fresh air and smile. I start my day listening to a Deepak Chopra meditation. It is so nice to get in touch with your inner self. I pick up my phone and read my daily random affirmation as I take a walk down Rue Bonaparte to the local patisserie. You can smell the patisserie a block away – they have the best croissants. Yum. Their pastries are always so good. I walk back to my rental and write for a few hours. Then I check and update my social media, read an article on the quantum physics of the Maharishi effect and go over the speech I will be giving later.

Checking the time, I gather my painting supplies and walk out the door. The Louvre is having a special oil painting class today. The focus is on Mary Cassatt’s work and I am really looking forward to it. As I walk by the French Academy of Painting, I make a mental note to see what classes they offer. I arrive at the Louvre just in time. Painting class is fabulous, the smell of oil paint and thinner adds to the ambiance. I am sorry the class is only an hour.

It is 1pm now, just in time for lunch. I stop by one of the street venders and pick up a ham and cheese on baguette sandwich. I eat as I make my way across the bridge over the Seine River. Just as I get to the other side, I hear a concert echoing from a performance nearby. I recognize the sound of the harpsichord among the instruments. My favorite! I stand awhile, taking in the sound of the music. What a nice treat.

IOrange Sunset - Perfect end to a day get back home and check social media again while waiting for my children to Skype me online. I chat with my kids for a while. It is always nice to hear about their day, too bad they could not come. I get ready for tonight’s speech. Tonight I am talking about my book, Life is Just Another Class, taking questions and reading a short experiential meditation to a crowd of about 500. At the end, I announce the opening date for the movie (based on my book) and I am excited to tell the Parisians of the donation I will be making to their local children’s science center. I sign many books and speak to as many guests as possible. I just want everyone to feel comfortable experiencing their own past lives.

I take a short taxi ride back to the rental and relax. As I crawl into bed that evening I say, “What a fabulous day.”