Radio Interview with Brad Simkins – Life Is Just Another Class

Tonight, I have the honor of being interviewed by Brad Simkins via the online radio, Awakening Zone. He is always a wonderful host!

The times for the airing on November 4, 2014 are 5pm PDT, 6pm MDT, 7pm CDT, 8EDT.  (Please note that there will be a limited time to listen to this broadcast on Awakening Zone as this online radio will close the site later in December this year.)

Karen Kubicko

As we journey through this class we call life, we encounter many obstacles. These obstacles can be fears, relationships, unfounded phobias,health, and more. It is how we overcome that brings us healing while strengthening our soul. There are many ways on the path to healing. Karen chose past life regression which awakened her to so much more.

Karen believes that life is just another class. Upon remembering several past lives through regressions, she learned that we chose if and when to go into a new life. We chose this life, our bodies, the people in our lives and what to experience. The bonus being that we are not alone – our angels, spirit guides and passed over loved ones are always here for us.


You Chose this Life

You chose your life and all its trials and tribulations.

(Hard to fathom, right!)

In my book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I have written the stories of sixteen of my past lives. Over the past two months, I walked in through the light at the end of each of these past lives and caught glimpses of my next lifetimes.Life Is Just Another Class-One Soul's Journey Through Past Life Regression

I added this information to my book (plus 8000 more words – eek!)

I chose this life and all the ones I have experienced before. We all choose.

I was given anywhere from two to five lives to pick from based on what I CHOSE to learn. My spirit guides lovingly helped to show me the way. My council members worked with me to pick the best choice in a Greek-style building called Educational Studies which I affectionately called the “life-picker building.” (They thought that was funny—our guides are so easy going and fun!)

Always, it was our own free will to choose to come here and to learn in this class called life. Always.

This weekend, I will re-read my entire manuscript, make some final edits and send the updates to my loving literary agent.

Life is good.

Thank you for being a part of my life. We chose each other.


We All Have Past Lives

Some past lives are easier to remember than others.

Some past lives, I am sure, we would like to re-forget. I know I have one. His story is Chapter 8 in my soon to be published book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression. I was a difficult man, never learning my life lesson during that incarnation. It took me five years to come to terms with this past life. Rest assured, I paid my karmic debt as a female, her story is in Chapter 12.

It is never easy to come to terms with the things you have done or the people you were in a past life. The strong emotions that come through help release the pent up (over one thousands years in some cases) feelings that are bursting through when someone remembers a particularly difficult past life.

My friend,  James Vitale, recognized that as his previous incarnation, he could have done better.  Here is James story on he came to terms with having been Arthur Edward Waite. Very cool James!!!

Arthur Edward Waite and James Vitale

Arthur Edward Waite and James Vitale

The Completed Manuscript for My Book: Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression

I finished writing and editing my book as far as I can. Now, I wait.

I feel great, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic …

I could go on …

Wish me luck as I venture into the publishing part of this process.

Life Is Just Another Class-One Soul's Journey Through Past Life Regression

(Now you know why there has not been a blog post in a while. lol. I missed you too.)