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What Did Past Life Regression Solve for Me?

While I have healed on so many levels and in so many ways, it still comes back to what made me so passionate to get started in all of this. It all leads back to this story: I was diagnosed … Continue reading

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Clues your Past Life is Leaking into your Current Life

Here are clues that one your past lives is leaking into your current life. Read this list and see what resonates with you: An out of the ordinary attraction to certain music, food, styles An unfounded fear (water or flying … Continue reading

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Our Angels were Definitely with us During my Heart Chakra Meditation Class!

My heart chakra meditation class yesterday was a heavy dose of positive love! Our angels were definitely there helping us ~ Just as the meditation timer sounded, the time left read 14:44 and then our candle went out. The number … Continue reading

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Send Love to the Universe via your Heart Chakra

A long time ago, in another lifetime, I was a metaphysical teacher. I taught a three-hour meditation to young children that culminated in our group reaching such a high vibration that we were able to see spirit guides and angels. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on I believe:
The more I read about Einstein, the more I like him. I believe View original post

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Love… Found at the Beach

There is someone out there for everyone. Here are two random coral rocks I found on the beach in Maui. I found these rocks within hours of each other. Love is everywhere you look.

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Mindfulness Meditation Linked With Positive Brain Changes, Study Suggests

What a great study! Thank you! I am interested to see if you think that long-term meditation could be one way to help those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis? Those with MS have issues with myelin – maybe regular meditation would … Continue reading

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My Mandala

During the week of September 12, 2011, I began to put together my website, my business cards and a few social media sites. I quickly realized I needed a photo or some kind of cool image. I sat at my … Continue reading

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Do You Die in Every Lifetime?

My friend, Laura, asked me this question when I first started writing my book. She had read a few of the chapters and one of the death scenes struck a chord with her. Surprised by the question, I told her; … Continue reading

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Why Do We Love Obscure, Odd Little Things?

Why do I love the little pink lamp with the fringe that hangs way down? What about the cute, short, wavy 1920’s hairstyles – Yes, I love them lots. Hearing the French language makes me melt. Oui, mon amie, pour … Continue reading

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Do We Pick Our Name for Each Lifetime?

(Today I am working on Chapter 20 “From the Other Side” for my book: Life is Just another Class – One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression. I thought I would share this with you.) I believe we visit our … Continue reading

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I was Regressed by Dr. Brian Weiss during his Past Life Regression Class at Omega in New York

Early in 2007, I looked online to see what other Brian Weiss books I may be missing. I had the great fortune of coming across Brian’s website and saw that he was hosting a few classes at Omega in Rhinebeck, … Continue reading

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