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Trust What You Receive

Trust is the most important thing to have when it comes to remembering a past life. If you want to remember a past life, you will need to trust the information that you receive. Trust the information since it all … Continue reading

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Walking Through the Light

For the first time today, I walked through the light during a past life regression. I have seen the light before. I have seen deceased loved ones excitedly waiting for me—standing, waiting in the light for me before. But today … Continue reading

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Hypnosis Is a Natural State of Mind

Hypnosis is just focused concentration. You do it every day.  Have you ever driven your car and ended up at home, not remembering the journey? Have you ever been writing your blog and someone walks up behind you, causing you to … Continue reading

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Down the Right Path in Life

I just have to say this, “I LOVE helping others remember their past lives and helping them to feel comfortable re-experiencing them.” I just had another person from one of my classes give me feedback on the profound experience that … Continue reading

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The Completed Manuscript for My Book: Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression

I finished writing and editing my book as far as I can. Now, I wait. I feel great, wonderful, fabulous, fantastic … I could go on … Wish me luck as I venture into the publishing part of this process. … Continue reading

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Feel Comfortable Remembering and Healing from Your Own Past Lives

Do you have questions about past life regression? I am here to help you feel comfortable remembering and healing from your own past lives. James Vitale of Remote Viewing Radio, interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday, October 30, 2012. It is a 90 … Continue reading

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Early Reviews for: Life is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression

What people are saying about my book … and it is not even published yet. Thank you! Ellyn  ~ I cannot wait to read your book! Andy ~ I like that you are following your dream and am so pleased … Continue reading

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Miracles Happen: A Free Live Online Event with Brian Weiss, MD

Would you like to re-experience a past life? Do you have about 30 minutes? You can do it right now. Work with the best in the field … Dr. Brian Weiss. He recently hosted a free online event that included … Continue reading

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Clues your Past Life is Leaking into your Current Life

Here are clues that one your past lives is leaking into your current life. Read this list and see what resonates with you: An out of the ordinary attraction to certain music, food, styles An unfounded fear (water or flying … Continue reading

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Dream Day in Paris

I read an article the other day that said everyone should write their own horoscope. I thought, what a nice way to do a little law of attraction work. Some horoscopes are written for a year, month, week or day. … Continue reading

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Do You Die in Every Lifetime?

My friend, Laura, asked me this question when I first started writing my book. She had read a few of the chapters and one of the death scenes struck a chord with her. Surprised by the question, I told her; … Continue reading

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WHAT THE HECK IS Xenoglossy?

Xenoglossy is the ability to speak a language that is, under normal consciousness, unfamiliar. Xenoglossy can happen when undergoing a past life regression. It does not happen very often, but it is very cool when it does. This morning I … Continue reading

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I was Regressed by Dr. Brian Weiss during his Past Life Regression Class at Omega in New York

Early in 2007, I looked online to see what other Brian Weiss books I may be missing. I had the great fortune of coming across Brian’s website and saw that he was hosting a few classes at Omega in Rhinebeck, … Continue reading

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