Seeing the Number 5, 55 or 555? Be Ready for Some Changes in Your Life…


Some people thrive on change. Some try to avoid it.

I recall a quote: The only thing that is constant in life is change.

That is the truth.

So… have you been seeing the number 5? 55? 555? Expect some changes in your life. When I was about to make some major changes in my life, I saw 555 a lot. On the clock… in a random phone number… on a receipt… whew.

555 is changeWhen I first started seeing repeating numbers years ago, I thought I was going a little crazy. But now, I know that seeing numbers are signs that confirm how connected we are to the angels and our spirit guides. These physical messages from beyond have become a welcome ‘coincidence’ or ‘synchronicity’ in my life.

So what does seeing 5’s mean?

According to Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101…

5 means: “A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.

55 means: “This is a period of ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ Welcome these changes, as they bring about new blessings.”

555 means: “Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life. To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive, and stay centered in prayer and affirmations.”

Another important thing to do, is to pay attention to what you are thinking about (or doing) at the time you see the 5’s. This will help you know understand the message more – plus it may give you insight on what the focus of your change may be.

Remember, change can be a good, healthy, welcoming thing.



I just saw this post by Doreen Virtue and since I am reading this book (same section of the book, in fact) I thought I would share it with you…

From Doreen:Assertiveness for Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

Earth Angels are “nice” people, with big, open hearts, so they can’t see when they’re involved in toxic relationships. They excuse and minimize other people’s behavior: “He didn’t mean to act that way. He was having a bad day.”

Even more toxic is when Earth Angels blame themselves for someone’s harsh behavior: “If I were nicer [or thinner, smarter, richer, etc.], then he’d treat me better.” This is nonsense! Don’t take responsibility for someone’s cruel treatment.

Earth Angels tolerate harsh and even abusive relationships because they’re afraid of being alone, being in the wrong, or being judged. They force themselves to rise above mistreatment by disconnecting from their feelings.

Harsh and Toxic Behavior

When you first meet people, they’re on their best behavior. They’ll agree with you, even if they really don’t. It can take up to two years before you see the real person. That’s why it’s important for Earth Angels to take things slowly in their friendships.

In any relationship, there’s a synergy (energy exchange) between both people. Unless you’re being authentic, you don’t know how well you interact. If you’re both pretending when it comes to your feelings and opinions, and being falsely polite and insincere, there’s no real relationship.

Here are the most common types of toxic relationship behaviors for you to recognize, and how to deal with them in honest and assertive ways that are healthful for you and the other person. These examples give you guidance as to how to assertively handle toxic situations.

Most Earth Angels have been beaten up by life and suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. So they often don’t recognize abusive and toxic patterns in their relationships. Earth Angels don’t know any better than to accept hurtful behavior from others. They deny and excuse such behavior, while secretly suffering in silence. So this list will help you not feel ashamed or alone in your relationship patterns, and also give you a way out. 
By pointing out these harsh relationship patterns, we’re not judging the individuals involved. Many times, Earth Angels are so wary of being judgmental that they overdo acceptance. This isn’t about judging another person; it’s about being aware of the dynamics within the relationship.

Sometimes, style differences between you and the other person cause the harsh energy of the relationship. For example: You’re quiet and gentle, and he’s loud and rough. You’re spontaneous and go with the flow, but she’s all about planning and organizing. Through awareness and honesty, style differences can be negotiated harmoniously if each person is willing to compromise and have compassion for the other person’s style. However, where abuse is involved, the relationship needs to end and healing needs to begin.

This list is to open your eyes and help you to be aware of your honest feelings when you’re with other people. It also gives you some suggestions for assertive ways to manage these various scenarios. There’s no implication that you need to leave or abandon anyone; however, you do need to take care of yourself and any children affected by your being in a toxic relationship.


The person who continually interrupts you doesn’t really care what you have to say. Interrupters are people who are anxious to hear the sound of their own voice, and who are convinced that they provide the most interesting and accurate conversation. Very often, the interrupter is someone who’s abusing caffeine or other stimulants, making him or her anxious and hyperactive.

— How this relationship affects you: If you’re in a relationship with an interrupter, you begin to talk really fast to get your words in before they can be interrupted. You start to feel anxious whenever the interrupter initiates conversation with you.

— How to handle this: Assertive Earth Angels will stop someone the first time he or she interrupts them and say “Excuse me, I wasn’t finished talking” in a very calm and peaceful way. If you touch the person’s arm while saying this sentence, the impact is even stronger. Remember that you’re helping the other person become aware of a habit that’s likely blocking him or her in all other relationships, personal and business. You’re teaching how to be a better communicator.


Correcting is similar to interrupting, except worse. People who are prone to this behavior not only interrupt you, but also “correct” what you’ve been saying. They may point out errors in your grammar or pronunciation, like your old English teacher. Or they may tell you much more about the topic you’re discussing.

While it’s great to learn new facts and proper grammar, it’s this person’s continual correcting that becomes tiring. No one likes to feel small or stupid, and that’s how you feel when you’re with this person. You always feel “one-down” from him or her. Some people engage in correcting behavior because that’s how they show that they care about and love you. They believe that by “improving” you, they’re helping you. Other times, correctors conduct this behavior out of an unconscious habit.

— How this relationship affects you: Anxiety around a corrector is a normal response. You walk on eggshells, worried about the next mistake you’ll make. If you live with one, it will affect your self-esteem. You may doubt your own intelligence, and give your power away to the other person, because you believe that you can’t do anything right.
— How to handle this: As an assertive Earth Angel Dreams, you must handle these situations head-on, so you’ll need to tell the corrector how you honestly feel. By giving candid feedback to the corrector, you help him or her develop better relationships. If his or her correcting style annoys you, it annoys everyone else, too. So, the next time this person corrects you, take a deep breath, and say: “Sometimes I feel that you’re more my teacher than my friend. And while I appreciate you adding to my body of knowledge, I’d prefer to have conversations where it’s just us sharing our feelings instead of you trying to teach me.”


People who one-up others have done everything better than you, on a larger scale, and they want to tell you about it! Any story that you relate will be scarcely digested before it is regurgitated in a more grandiose version—starring them. Such people only listen enough to hear the topic of discussion so that they can immediately go to their memory banks and extract their experience of that situation, which was over-the-top amazing.

They’re so insecure and desperate for attention and approval that they step all over other people’s spotlight to grab it back for themselves.
— How this relationship affects you: Your body exhibits signs of tension and resentment. You feel unheard and unappreciated. In this sort of relationship, you feel lonely because it’s a one-sided conversation at all times. You also feel disappointed that the other person won’t share in your excitement or other emotions concerning the experiences you’re relaying.

— How to handle this: Such people have no idea that they’re upsetting, annoying, or pushing others away with their superiority complex. They’re extremely lonely and wonder why people aren’t impressed with their accomplishments. They believe that if people are impressed, they’ll be loved and valued. Once you understand the depth of such a person’s loneliness and desperation to be loved, an assertive Earth Angel can go from there.

The heart of assertiveness is being honest and taking responsibility for your feelings. So never point the finger and claim that the other person is making you angry. It’s his or her behavior that’s triggering you. Let the one-upper know that you value and admire him or her, as long as that’s sincerely how you feel. You don’t offer these compliments unless you really believe them, or else you’re manipulating and trying to control the other person’s reaction to you, which is dysfunctional and dishonest.

Explain that you’d love to share your own experience and enjoy the details, without turning the tables to talk about his or her experience right away. Tell the person that sharing experiences is like enjoying a really good meal, and you want to savor each course one at a time.

Be very clear with other people about your expectations for the relationship ahead of time. Your ego will argue with you, saying you can’t tell others the truth or they won’t like you. The real truth is that unless you speak your truth, you’re nothing but an empty shell to other people. When you treat yourself with self-respect, other people respect you.

*** ***
For more about types of toxic relationships and how to handle them in healthful and assertive ways, I highly recommend reading Doreen Virtue’s new book, Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How to Be Loving Instead of Too Nice

Changing Your Perspective on Life

My good friend, Sindy, proposed we write 11 days of healing in honor of her mother, whose birthday happens to be on September 11th.Towering Grain

Today I will start with some numeral messages from Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101 (Hay House, 2008)

Taken from her book, here are a few meanings for the numbers associated with the day.

9 = “Get to work, Lightworker—now! The number 9 means that you’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose. Stop procrastinating, as it’s time to start taking action steps. Even baby steps are useful.”

11 = “Stay Positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing on the good within yourself, others and this situation.”

911 = “It’s very important that you keep a positive mind-set concerning your spiritually based career ideas. Positive thoughts are your most important asset right now.”

We choose how we feel about this day. We have the free will to think any way we please. This day will always be a day of remembrance: remembrance for Sindy’s mom and remembrance for what happened in New York City – which will always be an awesome city!

Healing and consciously choosing how we feel always reminds me of Joe Vitale. He includes a great way of re-programming how we think of … well anything.

His focus is on blocks, but you can fill anything in these blanks. Then read this clearing mantra. It is one more way for us to heal.

From Joe Vitale’s tapes, the Missing Secret:

“Spirit, Superconscience, please locate the origin of my feeling, thoughts of __________________________.

Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin.

Analyze and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.

Come through all generations of time and eternity.

Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.

Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present, filled with light and truth, God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions, forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to these feelings, thoughts.

With total forgiveness and unconditional love: I allow every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem and inappropriate behavior based on the negative origin recorded in my dna to transform.

I choose _____ (What you want to be) ________________________.

I feel ________ (what you want to feel) ________________________.

I am ________ (what you want to be) _________________________.

It is done. It is healed. It is accomplished now.”


What will you change your perspective on today?

Physical Messages from Our Spirit Guides CAN HAPPEN

Through my work with past life regression I have met my spirit guides. Six so far.

The spirit guide I talk to and visit with the most is Lena. She is a beautiful bubbly woman, so loving and supportive. LUV LENA

A few days ago, as I was driving around town, I pulled behind a car with a license plate that said, “LUV LENA.”

I could not believe it.

I have never met or heard of anyone in my life named Lena aside from my spirit guide – and that is her nickname I have for her. Nor have I noticed any license plates with messages so clear. I usually just see 44 or 444 on a license plate.

Thank goodness my daughter was with me to see it too.

As a mom, I keep my camera in my purse. I had my daughter take a photo with it and then with my cell phone so I could text it to a few friends (they squealed with delight too, knowing that was a clear message from Lena to me). Thank goodness we were driving on a road with lots of red signal lights.

I share it with you today as proof we can receive physical messages from our spirit guides. We are loved more than we know. We are never alone. Ever.

♥♥♥♥ Love you too Lena. ♥♥♥♥

Yesterday, I saw a license plate that said “READ ME2” which I took as a sign to make sure I include this awesome message in a blog post for you. (I could not get a photo going 65 mph down the road.) It is funny, I don’t normally read each and every car’s license plate either. It is a subconscious decision to glace at this car or that one, as I drive down the highway. I am glad I saw these two in the past few days.

I made my photo of “LUV LENA” the background for my computer desktop at home and at work. Now, I have a constant physical reminder that she is always here for me. It is good to feel loved.

Have you seen 444 a lot lately too? I have seen 444 nearly every day for well over a year. I did not know what it meant at first, but now I know it means angels are with me… they are with all of us. 

The definition of 444 in the book Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences by Doreen Virtue & Lynnette Brown (Hay House 2005). It says:

“444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well.”

On Synchronicity and Numbers

More on synchronicity…

The other day brought forth a few numbers (and messages) with powerful meanings to them.

I believe when we see sets of numbers (like 111, 222, 333, 444, etc.) it is a sign from our spirit guides or angels letting us know they are here, watching over us. It is recommended to take note of what you are thinking about at the time you see a particular set of numbers, especially if you notice them repeatedly.

In the morning, I checked my social media. My Pinterest account had 111 followers, my Twitter account had 1011 followers. Cool, I thought. Thank you.

On my way to the store that afternoon, I drove behind a car on the highway. The license plate said, “4 AGAPE.”

I thought, the word agape sounds familiar. (Pronounced ah-gah-p-eh)

As I thought this, another car passed me on the left; its license plate had 444 in it. This is a number I see every day. I smile every time I see it.444

According to the book, Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences by Doreen Virtue (Hay House, 2008), the definition of 444 means, “There are angels—they’re everywhere around you! You are completely loved, supported and guided by many Heavenly beings, and you have nothing to fear.”

(In writing this blog, I saw Doreen’s book advertised for sale today in a sidebar ad. The cost? … $4.44. The article I read is titled: 11:11 Synchronicity-Repetitive Numbers and Their Meaning.)

Then, I noticed the same car with the “4 AGAPE” license plate was in front of me again as I drove into the shopping complex—all the way to the parking lot. I must need to see this message.

I looked up Agape. It means Unconditional Love (in Greek). What a fabulous message to receive from my spirit guides and angels! In doing the search, I noticed Doreen Virtue is going to be speaking at a function hosted by a facility called Agape International in a few months.

Doreen’s book states that 111 means, “This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused upon your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation.”

I checked out at the grocery store. The total amount due? $111.

What number do you see often?