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When Someone Dies Before You … Heaven’s Perspective

It is always hard to see someone you love pass over. I can only offer you what I have personally experienced through my work with past lives…. First of all, please know that they are able to come here and … Continue reading

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On Picking a New Lifetime – The Slide Show of Choices

After re-experiencing a past life death, I see the Light. It shimmers in gold and oozes love. I wanted to know more. I wanted to walk in through. One day, not that long ago, I did. I thought it would … Continue reading

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When is your time to die? Or, do you choose your Exit Point?

I Missed an Exit Point. What would you do if you were told you just missed one of your predetermined exits from this lifetime? Sylvia Brown says we pick a few exit points for each lifetime. I missed one the … Continue reading

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Bienvenue! Bienvenue! French During a Past Life Regression

Today, I had a regression with a little xenoglossy… Okay, I am pretty excited … If you know me much at all, you know I love France and all things French since I was very young. Through my work with … Continue reading

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Have You Been Someone Famous in a Past Life?

Nope. I get this question a lot: “Have you been someone famous in a past life … Were you a princess or … <you name it>?” I have been some interesting people, but no, I have not been famous. We … Continue reading

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Remembering a Past Life is Easier than a Near Death Experience

Re-experiencing a past life is very similar to a near death experience. You do not have to be literally “near death” to see the light, angels or deceased loved ones. In my work with past life regression, I simply remembered … Continue reading

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Would we live life differently if we knew the date of our death?

Originally posted on boy with a hat:
If each of us knew the date of our death many years in advance, wouldn’t we live more effectively, stop wasting time on trifles, and pursue our dreams like greyhounds pursue game? I…

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Can I Inspire You?

Have you ever wondered: Can you really heal from re-experiencing a past life? Have you shared a past life with someone from this lifetime before? What does death feel like? What happens immediately after you die? Can you have a … Continue reading

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Really, I’ve Had a Past Life or Two… or Three

If you would have met me 15 years ago, I would have said “Me? Seeing ghosts? Having a past life regression? Writing a book about my own personal past lives and all that I have learned spiritually? Whaaat?” I had … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of Angels from Heaven in a Past Life Regression

Here is an excerpt from the book I am writing, One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, and my first YouTube video… This is at the end of my short life as 5 year old Jezebel Alexander. It is 1943, … Continue reading

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Robin Williams and Reincarnation

I never really understood why I liked the movie Somewhere in Time so much, until maybe five or so years ago. That was when I started getting into learning about past lives. I did not make the connection even, until … Continue reading

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