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Have You Been Someone Famous in a Past Life?

Nope. I get this question a lot: “Have you been someone famous in a past life … Were you a princess or … <you name it>?” I have been some interesting people, but no, I have not been famous. We … Continue reading

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Love All Creatures Great and Small on Land and in the Waters ~ Messages From the Mural

Love all creatures great and small on land and in the waters. I really believe that. The animals of the world are (for the most part) meant to remind us of unconditional love—especially domesticated animals. Unique and beautiful animals are … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness … Messages From the Mural

In this portion of the school mural, I painted this scene as a dedication to my son. He is practicing a random act of kindness. My son is a sweet soul, so it is fitting for him. I like how … Continue reading

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I Love You … Messages From the Mural

A few years ago, I took on the task of organizing and completing two 17 foot long murals inside a local school. Their walls were very … institutional … and in need of some color. One mural I call: Flowers … Continue reading

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My Daughter’s Guardian Angel Visits with Love

When my daughter was about 4 months old, I saw her spirit guide holding her. It was very late at night. I had just nursed her and laid her down in bed. I kept her bed a few feet from … Continue reading

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Do Birthmarks Disappear When a Past Life is Remembered?

I have a peculiar birthmark shaped like a bullet hole right on the front of my neck. It was a prominent brown spot as a teenager. Finally, on February 21, 2011, I remembered the lifetime that explains this birthmark. (I … Continue reading

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My Mandala

During the week of September 12, 2011, I began to put together my website, my business cards and a few social media sites. I quickly realized I needed a photo or some kind of cool image. I sat at my … Continue reading

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Do You Die in Every Lifetime?

My friend, Laura, asked me this question when I first started writing my book. She had read a few of the chapters and one of the death scenes struck a chord with her. Surprised by the question, I told her; … Continue reading

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Why Do We Love Obscure, Odd Little Things?

Why do I love the little pink lamp with the fringe that hangs way down? What about the cute, short, wavy 1920’s hairstyles – Yes, I love them lots. Hearing the French language makes me melt. Oui, mon amie, pour … Continue reading

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What can you do the next time your children fight? Use the law of attraction teaching: Life is what you focus upon. Maybe your kids are calling each other names? Ok. It is normal, once in awhile, for siblings to … Continue reading

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Angels in Our Life

When my daughter was a toddler, she was sick with a fever. This was not usual for her, as she rarely got sick. We were nervous since fevers can be harsh on a small child. The pediatrician said we could … Continue reading

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