The Great Gasby and My Life in the 1920s

You know, I have always loved the Roaring 1920s. Always. I am not sure exactly when I started liking this era, but it seems like forever. I have always wanted to have my hair fixed in a cute little finger wave bob. (Goodness knows, I have tried.)

But why?

Since I was in grade school, I have loved the 1920s anything. I used to say, “I must have had a past life in the 1920s.” I never knew that for sure until a few years ago when I remembered being Helen Merkowitz who died tragically in 1927.

(More on that in my number one searched blog post: “Do Birthmarks Disappear When a Past Life is Remembered?” Mercy, can you believe I posted my high school photos!?!)

I love 1920s clothes, the dancing, the music… Ahhhh, Big Band music. I really enjoy listening to that.

Ginger Rogers – Charleston Scene from Roxie Hart (1942)

The Roaring 20s, flappers dancing the Charleston

Today, I am thinking of Helen since the movie, The Great Gasby, is coming out. I wish I had read the book in high school, as most others have. (It is never too late to read it.) I look forward to watching the movie today.

The only reason I am seeing it, is because it is about the 1920s … really. I love looking at their fashion, hair, décor … all of it. The men’s suits … eye candy to me. The women’s fashion … comfortable, sexy and beautiful.

As Helen, I remembered saving money to buy an outfit for my night of dancing. I had it laid out on the bed ready to wear for the evening and admiringly loved it. During the regression, I went into great detail to describe it … even commenting that it was uncomfortable to wear a slip under the dress, but “appropriate” to do so. It is so funny the details I chose to remember from a past life.

Remembering that lifetime was very healing for me. By a surprise to me, the birthmark on my neck (which resembled a bullet hole) faded noticeably since I remembered this past life—that in and of itself was unexpected and cool. However, now I know why I love the Roaring 20s so much. I really did enjoy myself in that lifetime—until the mob shot me during one night out in an illegal club, of course.

Prohibition prevented me from going out dancing. Dancing must be in my soul… I do LOVE it. I apparently loved it so much as Helen, I risked my life for it.

The other day, I got the opportunity to go out dancing. I noticed a few people wearing fashion that was reminiscent of the 1920s style (fringes and all) … oh please, please, please, do come back into style … I would wear it. Absolutely.

(Do you want to read more on Helen? Do you know someone who works at a publisher?)

What do you love … and cannot explain?


Do Birthmarks Disappear When a Past Life is Remembered?

I have a peculiar birthmark shaped like a bullet hole right on the front of my neck. It was a prominent brown spot as a teenager. Finally, on February 21, 2011, I remembered the lifetime that explains this birthmark. (I have always wondered what unresolved lifetime it marked.)

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A stray bullet shot Helen in the front of the neck causing her traumatic death in 1927 and leaving me with a birthmark. Helen was not ready to die; she was having way too much fun. A birthmark is leftover energetic remnants from a past life trauma. Usually it marks the way you die in a past life. Ian Stevenson spent several years painstakingly documenting birthmarks. His work scientifically shows that birthmarks are directly related to a subject’s death in a past life.

Interestingly, since I have remembered this lifetime and experienced catharsis, my birthmark has noticeably faded. Has it faded since I released this past trauma? Quite probably. Healing came from re-experiencing the shooting, offering forgiveness and coming to terms with the ordeal.

Karen - HS grad photo

Karen – HS grad photo

If you think about it, everything is made up of atoms. Each atom is (in simple terms) a vibration of energy. Everything around us, including you is a vibration. But, we are vibrating so fast, we appear solid. Everyone has heard of auras. (Sometimes, I get lucky and can see someone’s aura.) Again, it is the energy part of you that can be seen. We are all, essentially, made up of energy. Therefore, if you die traumatically and you were not able to come to terms with that death, a “spot” is left on your energy. It can become a birthmark. I healed that “spot” so now it is going away.

Karen - Photo from HS

Karen – Photo from HS

Above are a few photos of me. These two are from high school – over 20 years ago. (I know… I am giving away my age. I loved that Princess Diana haircut… then.) You can clearly see the birthmark is dark brown. The other was taken a year or so after I remembered Helen’s lifetime. The July 2012 photo, below, was also taken after being at the beach for nearly a week (I thought the sun would make it darker). If you look hard at my recent photo, you can see a faded brown spot. (Also, the photo of me on my “About Karen Kubicko” page was taken about nine months after the regression.)

Karen - as of July 2012

Karen – as of July 2012

Compare these photos. Can you see a difference in the color of my birthmark?

I have another question. Since I have healed this past life trauma, will my birthmark completely disappear? I will let you know.

Do you have any birthmarks? Are you curious too?


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