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Van Gogh and the Madness Song

Was Vincent van Gogh mad? He did stay in a madhouse for a while. In walking through our local art museum, I came across this van Gogh painting. While I was admiring his brushstrokes, I started hearing the Madness song … Continue reading

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WordPress Bloggers Should Utilize Gravatar

Hello bloggers on WordPress! Is your Gravatar updated? Within the WordPress stats page, there is a section called “Referrers.” Some of the beautiful people who find your blog clicked on one of these site links to find you. Nearly every … Continue reading

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I Found Four Orbs in my Photo … Very Cool!

While browsing through my photos looking for the next perfect photo to include in a post, I noticed something rather intriguing about this one. There are a few orbs—one rainbow, one sort of like a sword and a few others. It almost … Continue reading

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Love All Creatures Great and Small on Land and in the Waters ~ Messages From the Mural

Love all creatures great and small on land and in the waters. I really believe that. The animals of the world are (for the most part) meant to remind us of unconditional love—especially domesticated animals. Unique and beautiful animals are … Continue reading

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Would we live life differently if we knew the date of our death?

Originally posted on boy with a hat:
If each of us knew the date of our death many years in advance, wouldn’t we live more effectively, stop wasting time on trifles, and pursue our dreams like greyhounds pursue game? I…

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