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Ginger and Fred ~ Want to Dance?

I am posting this just because I have always loved watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance … such synchronicity they have—it oozes from them. (Imagine the hours they spent practicing.) This clip is from their movie, Swing Time (1936). Ohhhh and … Continue reading

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Ron Howard Where are You?

I had this really fantastic dream a month ago. It was very real and Ron Howard was in it. So far, most of it has come true. But, before I go on, you have to know a bit about me. … Continue reading

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Robin Williams and Reincarnation

I never really understood why I liked the movie Somewhere in Time so much, until maybe five or so years ago. That was when I started getting into learning about past lives. I did not make the connection even, until … Continue reading

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Travel back in Time (through self-hypnosis) with Christopher Reeve

Do you have a movie, that if you are really feeling like taking a break from life, you watch? I do. My all time favorite movie is Somewhere in Time. I have watched this movie over a hundred times in … Continue reading

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