Children Can Easily See Angels … more Proof

Today I was going through my daughter’s old drawings and came across one that caught my attention. A lot. I had to share.

My daughters loving spirit

She had drawn an angel and told me that, this was her “Loving spirit (one of 12 or 13) that came to her to make her feel better and filled her heart with LOVE.”

I am so glad I wrote it down as she told me.

Kids say the most interesting things. My daughter certainly did then and still amazes me today. (I love you darling.)

At this point in my life I was not in touch with how angels and spirit guides are always here for us. I am sure I wrote it thinking, “Aw, that’s sweet.” And then did not think about it again. As I read it now, I am sure she was seeing an angel. She drew this when she was only four years old.

You can see for yourself that her drawing has angel wings and a halo of light around a heart above the crown chakra. It looks like they may be singing too.

I showed it to my daughter again. She said, “Look, see they even have a third eye too.”

WOW. She was four and could not only see this, but knew that they filled her heart with love. The amazing part is that this angel was only one of the 12 or 13 that came to her… for her.

Kids are soooo connected with Heaven, that angels, spirit guides and passed over loved ones are easily seen and can be talked to by children.

I obviously dismissed this experience as just an interesting drawing with an interesting description at that time in my life. I had been living for many years without much faith in anything and I know at this point in my life I was just beginning to understand that there is so much more. I now know that we are so incredibly loved by our angels, spirit guides and passed over loved ones it is incomprehensible.

PLEASE remember that all babies and children are so close to having just been in Heaven that seeing angels and being able to talk to them is so easy for them. Please, please, please support them and acknowledge this true God-given ability they all (we all) have so that it stays with them throughout their life. How wonderful to feel supported everyday and to know it.

I know I will be reviewing both my children’s drawings to see what other treasures I can find.

In the meantime, my daughter remembers this experience and offered to redraw this angel. I will post it when she does.

Love to you all,








About Karen Kubicko I found my joy in studying and participating in past life regressions. Ask me any question on past life regression and I will blog the answer. By re-experiencing my own personal past lives, I’ve learned a great deal about myself on multiple levels. I have remembered nearly forty past lives. Through total immersion into each memory, I have released a variety of unfounded fears, explained relationships, alleviated health issues, reawakened psychic talents and explained my fondness of certain time periods and geographic locations. When you personally remember a past life, you can heal yourself of health issues and phobias. Do you have any unfounded fears or phobias in your life? Do you have a nagging health issue? Are these issues unfounded in your current lifetime? Think about it. In my book, Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I share some of these lifetimes with you, in hopes that I will inspire and excite you to take your own spiritual journey. It is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. We experience several lives here on Earth to learn and to grow. I invite you to embrace this classroom we call Earth and get to know why you are truly here in this lifetime. xoxox Karen
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15 Responses to Children Can Easily See Angels … more Proof

  1. Great post Karen! Everyone should pay attention to what their children are saying about what they see, even if the parents don’t see it. I can’t wait to see the picture she draws now from her memory of that time. 🙂

  2. Mike Cutno says:

    Thanks for the amazing story and reminder Karen!

  3. Byron Abel says:

    Good Morning Karen, This is soooo impressive at four years old she knew what she was seeing. That is really cool. Hope your day is great.

  4. Beautiful. My son had a dream when he was young that he saw Jesus coming toward him, and that He told him “I will always be with you.” My son also had two ‘invisible friends’ who hung around until he was about 10. My grandson sees spirits. How different the world would be if we could all learn to keep in touch with our spiritual friends without fear or feeling ‘strange’.

  5. BloomLisa says:

    What a beautiful story Karen. Thank you so much for sharing it on our blog to inspire others. Light & love.

  6. Can’t wait to see her redraw!

  7. Thanks for another great post about children and angels, and once more great timing from the Universe as I am again visiting my grandson who so obviously connects with those in spirit. I watched him yesterday hold quite a lengthy “conversation” with his spirit friends and loved ones. He would listen intently for a time, then talk in his baby manner, then throw in a smile here or there, directed at whoever had come to visit. What a delight to watch! I have had many conversations telling him to always stay open to those dear ones he left at Home 🙂

  8. Elizabeth Richards says:

    I believe finding your blog has been a sign from my angel. Everything that you have written in your blog is everything I have experienced in September 2010 after the passing of one of my best friends. Within days of his passing I continued to see the number 44, 444 everywhere, and everything, everyone, everyplace I went to. I never spoke a word about it to anybody until six months later I called my mother and told her what I was experiencing. She told me that her best friend who has passed away many years ago would also see the number four, 444 everywhere. Truthfully believe in all hearts of hearts that we are surrounded by angels. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t see the consistent numbers of 44 in a row, it brings warmth through my body and smiles to my face. I feel as if I am in a very safe place. Have never personally met anybody who has been through the same experiences myself. I am starting to reach out to others who may understand what I am going through. After reading your blog, I truthfully feel as if you can understand me completely. You have put me a great ease. Truly want to learn and explore more about this belief.
    We are very blessed, surrounded by here love and angels. I will follow your blogs and continue to support you and everything you do. Thank you again for shining light on my day.
    If you have some time, please private email me. I would love to speak to you further in detail.

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