Can My Baby See Guardian Angels?

YES!! YES They Can!One of my babies - sooo cute!!! xoxox

Babies are so close to Heaven that they bring with them many of the fabulous gifts we have deep within us…

  • Telepathy – the ability to talk to another person by thought
  • Seeing and talking to Angels
  • Seeing and talking to Spirit Guides, commonly called Guardian Angels
  • Seeing and talking to passed over loved ones
  • Have full control of all the areas of intuition (6th sense)
  • I am sure there are more

If new parents and parents-to-be only knew how special their little baby was…. we all know babies are miracles.

It is our duty to keep this innate ability open and cultivated.

I send much love to you and your children.


About Karen Kubicko I found my joy in studying and participating in past life regressions. Ask me any question on past life regression and I will blog the answer. By re-experiencing my own personal past lives, I’ve learned a great deal about myself on multiple levels. I have remembered nearly forty past lives. Through total immersion into each memory, I have released a variety of unfounded fears, explained relationships, alleviated health issues, reawakened psychic talents and explained my fondness of certain time periods and geographic locations. When you personally remember a past life, you can heal yourself of health issues and phobias. Do you have any unfounded fears or phobias in your life? Do you have a nagging health issue? Are these issues unfounded in your current lifetime? Think about it. In my book, Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I share some of these lifetimes with you, in hopes that I will inspire and excite you to take your own spiritual journey. It is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. We experience several lives here on Earth to learn and to grow. I invite you to embrace this classroom we call Earth and get to know why you are truly here in this lifetime. xoxox Karen
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16 Responses to Can My Baby See Guardian Angels?

  1. Thanks for this post Karen! I always try to remind people to pay attention to babies and toddlers reactions to their surroundings. We have had many incidents throughout the years with our own babies reacting to things we could not see. Usually they were smiling, waving etc. Great to remind everyone to look for this.

  2. 🙂 Not only can children interact with angels, they may be one vacationing here on earth.

  3. Karen your post is so timely and personal to me, as I just got back from a visit with my new grandson, who so obviously does see the angels! And I wrote about it, with a great picture of him doing just that, communing with those in spirit, so fun to see! Thanks for a great post 🙂

  4. Debbra W says:

    I know, because I have seen with my own eyes, that babies are coached by their guardian angels, especially at the beginning of life. They continue to be coached until early, and even later childhood. The sight of the angels and extended deceased family fades from the view of most people. I’m not sure why. I do know that everyone can still talk to the angels and ancestors. The only thing most people don’t do, is listen for the reply.

    • Hello Debbra,
      Babies are so close to have just come from Heaven it makes complete sense that they can connect with those on the other side, angels, and more. We need to learn as Humans to cultivate this innate ability in the baby. Parents need to start realizing this and keep that ability open. What a different world we would live in when we are able to do this.

  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    Happy Easter

  6. Ariadne Dan says:

    Hi, I remember my little nephew. He used to talk about his past parents all the time. But my aunt didn’t like that. Thought the kid was talking nonsense and ignored him totally. Now he doesn’t talk about it at all. It makes me sad to see parents suppressing their kids like that. Hopefully this will change much in the future.Little kids do not only talk to angels, they are angels. I am glad you are doing this blog Karen, I hope many parents will find it and see how awesome their kids are. 🙂

    • I agree that it is disheartening that parents suppress the innate intuitive abilities of babies and young children. I hope that this will change. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
      Namaste Ariadne Dan

  7. Vicky says:

    Thank you for this post, I’m not a big religious person and over the years I have leaned towards the science and lost faith. I just can’t completely let go of my faith because I have one vague memory as a baby (maybe toddler) I remember hearing a voice explaining that I would be ok and this was my family/place/parents (can’t remember exactly the words…it was a goodbye type thing) but I remember being confused and sad the voice was leaving me, I remember exactly where I was. I was in my my dad’s arms and he was carrying me in my old house but my dad was not speaking. It was like a voice inside me. I even remember I was wearing a pink dress. I feel crazy for thinking about it but I remember parts vividly and the rest is kinda fuzzy. I have never heard anything since but your post seemed to help me think it’s not as crazy as I think.

    • Hello Vicky,
      Thank you for sharing your insight. Of course you were hearing your spirit guides to let you know that you are here for a new life. Please know that they are not gone, but still watching over you. They knew that you would forget that you are able to see and speak to them (as you have) but made this memory very strong on purpose for you. As babies we are so connected with Heaven, but once here in this life, we often forget unless our parents cultivate this ability. I have talked to many who have remembered angel and spirit guide as well as passed over loved ones visit them as a small child.
      Love to you,

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