So, Tell Me, Is Life Like Schrodinger’s Cat in a Sealed Box?

To have complete and utter faith that when you open the box (symbolic of “waking up to a new day of your life”) that your ultimate dream life, your ultimate desire, is a reality.

That is manifestation. That is, in my view, applying quantum physics to life.

To have the confidence and the conviction that your dream is so real, it becomes true.

What if it happened the very next day?

Imagine the implications.

If we create our own world by our thoughts … what would you choose? Who would you be? Where would you live? What do you really want to do with your life? What world do you want to live in tomorrow?

So, how does this compare to Schrödinger’s cat? Glad you asked.

The basic precept for Quantum physics is this: what you expect to observe, happens.

It is in line with the teachings of The Secret and The Law of Attraction—what you think about comes about.

We have a choice each day to make decisions to choose to do this or choose to do that. If we choose to think positively about what we want to come true, it does.

What if we chose something really big?

Why not?

The Law of Attraction tells us that we should act as though or think as though what we really want is already here. Really already here … like right now.

The famous example commonly used to explain Quantum theory is Schrödinger’s cat. Erwin Schrödinger devised a thought experiment about a cat. It is basically a coin toss on the cat’s survival. The cat is placed in a sealed box. Inside the box is radioactive material, a bottle of poison and a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity. If one single atom decays, the poison is released which kills the cat. There is a 50-50 chance for the cat to die from the poison or to stay alive. The cat’s life is dependent upon the cat being observed by a conscious being. It becomes their decision. The particles involved are in a state of indecision until they are observed (per what is known, amongst Quantum physics enthusiasts, as the Copenhagen Interpretation).

(Please note: no harm was done to a cat—this is a theoretical example.)

My own cat, Catty.

Does this mean that when we wake up (keeping our eyes shut), if we believe with all our heart that our dream came true … will it be there when we open our eyes? It is no different than opening that box to check on the cat, so it should be.

I would think there would have to be absolutely no doubt in our minds for it to work—we need complete faith that we can manifest. Ultimately, controlling the very particles of the thing we have thus far only dreamed of having.

I love when synchronistic things happen for me. In the week I worked on this blog post, I received an email from The Secret Daily Teachings. Perfect timing, I thought.

“Most people can manifest the small things quickly. This is because they do not have any resistance around the small things, and because they don’t think thoughts that contradict them. When it comes to the bigger things, however, people often emit thoughts of doubt or worry that contradict those bigger things. This is the only difference in terms of the time it takes for something to manifest.” ~ Rhonda Byrne

How will you wake up tomorrow?



Interested? Here is part one of a Lecture Series on Quantum Physics by Prof. V. Balakrishnan, Department of Physics. It is an introduction to Quantum Physics including Heisenberg”s uncertainty principle.

Another good article with more references to Schrödinger’s cat.


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24 Responses to So, Tell Me, Is Life Like Schrodinger’s Cat in a Sealed Box?

  1. Thanks for the link, will be watching that!

  2. Amazing link up with quantum – I had heard or read of particles reacting to observation and the uncertainty of individual particles to behave ina predictable way ( though fortunately the majority do or there would be utter chaos) – but to link this with our will as the pbserver is amazing – which leads me to another connect – like the law of attraction but maybe more ancient and with another name – visualization ( De Silva method / Shakti guwain / the wisdom of the mystic masters of antiquity / Indian sages performing miracles or any prophet or seer – De silva’s techniques, which must have evolved from the secrets of the ancients, you may know basically tells you to visualize in 3 stages what you want to happen, and soon it does and you dismiss it as a coincidence – for me the technique worked when i really focussed and meditated as they prescribed , a stunning 95% plus times – now i see it was the quantum working! However what the masters said was the same thing but put differently: The Universe wants to help you always but doesnt know what you want till you sent it a clear signal – why ‘clear’? because most of the time our thoughts contradict each other and there is no focus – meaning we really dont know what we really want – so when you do hrough such a visualizatiopn technique, the signal is clear and the universe then gets the message loud and clear and complies with a ‘miracle’. – Quantum and visualization – I was formulating a thought the other day to write a post on visualization (smile). Thanks great post.

    • Thank you for your kind words Indrajit Rathore! I will certainly look into all those you referred to me in your comment.. equally interesting for sure. It is so true, that the clearer you can be, the faster and easier what you want manifests. I just happen to like the Law of Attraction work and Quantum physics and noticed such a fun coincidence in the two teachings. I am glad you enjoyed my post.

    • muslimsyall says:

      I agree with everything you said, and had the same thoughts, Indrajit.

  3. Another great post Karen, I will check out the link! I agree about the ease of manifesting the little things, less resistance. By the way, the cat in the photo resembles my baby Dexter, mine has a darker coat but I thought of him immediately. Perhaps it is a sign that I could benefit from the lesson your post brings 🙂

  4. Hi Karen, I nominated you for a Tag award at

    Namaste, Linda

  5. Thanks Karen~ Lovely and well written post. Now I must send a fly to its new existence.

  6. cav12 says:

    Wonderful post Karen. A question: how do you re-train your brain to stop ‘blocking’ one’s aspirations/dreams?

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  8. How cool! Someone else with an interest in quantum physics at last!

  9. muslimsyall says:

    In my opinion (to your “subject question”)? Yes! 🙂 Nice comparison for the cat.

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