Can You Visit Heaven Without Really Dying?

I think, yes, if you are determined and persistent, you can. (In other words, there is no reason anyone needs to experience a near death experience to see Heaven.) By persistence, I mean, this may take one past life session or many sessions and years to accomplish. Don’t give up.

Start with re-experiencing a past life. Once a past life is remembered, you now have a bridge to a memory that can lead to visiting Heaven. For me, I often start out remembering a past life at the death scene or earlier the last day in that life. Often, I have only remembered the final day of a past life.

Allow yourself time to heal from this moment. Usually it is emotional.

A view from on top the clouds

Then look around at what you are experiencing and feeling after you leave your body. In spirit, I feel lighter, relieved to be less burdened with the dense weight of a body.

At this point, I see my lifeless body below me or beside me. I often stand there in disbelief as to what happened, staring at it. It is at this point I realize I had died.

I look around. Things seem a little different, but mostly the same.

For me, the light appears always to the right of where I am.

The light looks like sunshine to me. It is golden, yellow, glistening and very bright, but it does not hurt my eyes. I sometimes see silhouettes of others waiting to greet me in the light.

Nearly always, there is someone waiting for me upon my death. Either a loved one, friend or spirit guide comes to help me transition into the light, the door to Heaven.

My spirit guide told me after one lifetime, that I could get lost if I do not enter the light with him. (Note: Don’t be a lost soul, go into the light. I often wonder if this is why bugs are so adamantly attracted to a light.)

I have floated into the light, walked into the light and once I sat on the edge of the light.

A few times, I did wait to enter the light because I wanted to check on my loved ones first. The light was there, waiting for me when I felt my loved ones would be fine.

As I enter the light, my life here on Earth fades away. At the same time, those waiting to greet me become clearer and clearer. I can hear them saying hello (or bienvenue).

After I greet each person (and sometimes pets and other loved animals), I walk towards the left to visit with the healing angels. The people who greet me include those I lost in that lifetime, spirit guides, friends, neighbors, relatives. This group often includes my favorite pets, horses, etc. It is a party!

A visit with the healing angels is very loving and of course, healing. It feels like love is being poured down through your entire being. When the healing is complete, I rest a while. When I am well rested, I walk down a tunnel-like hallway to exit this area. It glistens and has the appearance of the iconic “light at the end of the tunnel.” There is no door at the end of this tunnel so it does appear bright.

What you choose to do, experience or see next is up to you.

What would you like to see or experience?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shreejacob
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 08:51:18

    Of course I would..:D
    I’ve read though that “heaven” and “hell” are actually the imprints of our experiences in a lifetime…or more of the energies we take with us. It’s assimilating the experiences and contemplating on them before we choose what we need to learn in our next life…..


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