Walking Through the Light

The Light

For the first time today, I walked through the light during a past life regression. I have seen the light before. I have seen deceased loved ones excitedly waiting for me—standing, waiting in the light for me before. But today … sigh … today I walked in, through the light, with a deceased loved one grasping my hand, guiding me. Love showers over you immediately. It is warm, loving and majestic. For me, the light is always golden, like a ray of sunshine.


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  1. bluebutterfliesandme
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 13:54:32

    Okay you may not agree with this theory but, I have often wondered if we are not programmed to go into the light at death, at which time memories are erased. Just a possible theory that I have seen corroborated in a couple others.


    • Karen Kubicko
      Jan 11, 2013 @ 14:11:03

      This is what I saw and felt yesterday. I have a lot more of what happened, what I felt, what I saw … but I cannot decide which aspect to focus upon. I have written 20 blogs in my head so far…

      I can only say this, I, I alone, decided when I would go into the light after each of my past life deaths. I almost always checked on living loved ones first, even when I saw the light, I ignored it and went to check on them. The light seemed to come back when I was ready. In one lifetime I checked on them even after going into the light.

      For many of my lifetimes, I was able to see a deceased loved one waiting for me upon my death. Sometimes it was my spirit guide waiting for me. It is always loving.

      For the past life that I just encountered, I was able to remember walking into the light. I did not forget who I had just been at all.


  2. RogerV
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 02:53:59

    @bluebutterfliesandme, Karen’s report is congruent with the case profiles that therapist Dr. Michael Newton has written of in several of his books. He’s been doing hypnotherapy for several decades in his practice and by accident one day regressed someone back before their birth. He started using this technique with more clients and discovered everyone consistently had lived previous lives, went through a light/tunnel when they died, were greeted by deceased relatives and/or spirit guides, belonged to Soul Groups, and went to a very fantastic place where they reside between incarnations. All memories are retained and can be accessed when one comes out of the Veil of Forgetfulness that is in effect in this reality context (or is due to the side effect of our minimized consciousness level when we come here and combine to a human body). In his last book Dr. Newton was drawing on an accumulated 7000 cases from those several decades of practice, so he’s developed a very extensive and detailed map of super reality. Before his discovery he was a materialist atheist but now accepts that there is a superior reality context and our reality context is subordinate – just a spiritual training environment.

    I could also mention several NDE studies I’ve read – one that was conducted under scientific protocol with participating hospitals, cross-cultural analysis, etc., etc. Then there are the reincarnation researchers, some have a few thousand cases on file and always a group of well researched and documented cases. There are individual astounding cases of coma/NDE such as Dr. Eben Alexander. And the writings of 19th century Allan Kardec. I discovered there are an estimated 20 to 40 million people in Brazil that identify themselves as Espírita Kardecista (the spiritualist philosophy founded by Allan Kardec). What he mapped out and wrote about by working with mediums matches right up with Dr. Newton’s findings. Pretty remarkable given a century apart in their efforts.

    All that to say that the weight of this myriad evidence is that the soul knows or can know anything in its native realm. It is us in our mortal form that are severely limited and barely know anything. And most of what we think we know is completely off base.


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