I Found Four Orbs in my Photo … Very Cool!

While browsing through my photos looking for the next perfect photo to include in a post, I noticed something rather intriguing about this one. There are a few orbs—one rainbow, one sort of like a sword and a few others. It almost looks like a person.

I took the photo of these cool orbs near the Kilauea Caldera on the island of Hawaii in the summer of 2012. I honestly would think it is nothing except that the orbs all look so different.

Any opinions on this photo are welcome. Thank you.

Cool orbs near the Kilauea Caldera on the island of Hawaii

Here are some photos I took just before and just after taking this same photo:

Near the Kilauea Caldera on the island of Hawaii

Near the Kilauea Caldera on the island of Hawaii (2)


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7 Responses to I Found Four Orbs in my Photo … Very Cool!

  1. Cheryl Alsippi says:

    Very interesting. Can definitely see a head/face but I can’t crop and enlarge on my computer, so, can’t tell if the “eyes” are just background foliage possibly…maybe you can enlarge it and see if that is the case. The others are interesting also…especially the sword-like one. 🙂

  2. Love this photo. When I see blue energy, a sword or shield I think of Archangel Michael. The lavender is lovely, the color of the crown chakra, or higher Truth. Archangel Michael is a protector of Truth. Looks like angel/archangel energy working with the Earth and elementals to help balance the energy and possibly directly connecting to the ley lines. I’d say the blurred orb of the face is a spirit watching.

  3. Do you follow Orbs also? I love his blog. A fascinating phenomena! Hey I have given you the Reality award. I just haven’t had time to officially notify you. Now you know, but I’ll send you the official notice today-:)

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