We All Have Past Lives

Some past lives are easier to remember than others.

Some past lives, I am sure, we would like to re-forget. I know I have one. His story is Chapter 8 in my soon to be published book, Life Is Just Another Class—One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression. I was a difficult man, never learning my life lesson during that incarnation. It took me five years to come to terms with this past life. Rest assured, I paid my karmic debt as a female, her story is in Chapter 12.

It is never easy to come to terms with the things you have done or the people you were in a past life. The strong emotions that come through help release the pent up (over one thousands years in some cases) feelings that are bursting through when someone remembers a particularly difficult past life.

My friend,  James Vitale, recognized that as his previous incarnation, he could have done better.  Here is James story on he came to terms with having been Arthur Edward Waite. Very cool James!!!

Arthur Edward Waite and James Vitale

Arthur Edward Waite and James Vitale


About Karen Kubicko

www.KarenKubicko.com I found my joy in studying and participating in past life regressions. Ask me any question on past life regression and I will blog the answer. By re-experiencing my own personal past lives, I’ve learned a great deal about myself on multiple levels. I have remembered nearly forty past lives. Through total immersion into each memory, I have released a variety of unfounded fears, explained relationships, alleviated health issues, reawakened psychic talents and explained my fondness of certain time periods and geographic locations. When you personally remember a past life, you can heal yourself of health issues and phobias. Do you have any unfounded fears or phobias in your life? Do you have a nagging health issue? Are these issues unfounded in your current lifetime? Think about it. In my book, Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I share some of these lifetimes with you, in hopes that I will inspire and excite you to take your own spiritual journey. It is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. We experience several lives here on Earth to learn and to grow. I invite you to embrace this classroom we call Earth and get to know why you are truly here in this lifetime. xoxox Karen
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4 Responses to We All Have Past Lives

  1. Thank you for the respost, Karen. And thanks for helping me find the courage to write about it!

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