My First Experience of a Past Life Entering My Current Lifetime

While walking the long halls of high school, I passed by a girl I had not even met.

I felt disdain as soon as I looked at her. I knew instantly that I had a very deep feeling of dislike towards her. I was almost afraid of her.

I thought, “Why?”

It was odd, feeling so mad at someone I do not even know.

She was pretty, standing there laughing with some friends of mine. There was no reason to feel that way. I never met her before that day. She looked like a nice person.

My next thought went against my Catholic upbringing … I must have had a bad experience with her in a past life. Well, that explained it. I therefore immediately brushed off the bad feelings against her and continued walking to class.

This experience lasted for all of thirty seconds. I never really thought about past lives as a true occurrence before. I met her not long after this day; she was a genuinely nice person. I never let my guard down around her, as though I subconsciously needed to protect myself, somehow.

I always knew a few things about myself: I know I really liked the 1920s. (I absolutely love flapper clothing and hair.) I know I have an uncanny love of all things French. I offhandedly attributed these loves to a past life … but really … I said this half in jest up until the day I remembered my first past life. Now, (several past life regressions later) I know my strong 1920s and French love came from very fun past lifetimes.

As far as the girl, I saw and met in high school, I have never remembered her in a past life … yet.Do you see the second bird in the photo? I took this photo and did not notice her. It is perfect for this post.

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When was the first time you experienced a thought/happening/etc. that made you think, “Oh, that has to come from a past lifetime.”


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