My Daughter’s Guardian Angel Visits with Love

When my daughter was about 4 months old, I saw her spirit guide holding her.

It was very late at night. I had just nursed her and laid her down in bed. I kept her bed a few feet from ours. For some reason, I woke up not long after that only to see someone standing and holding my baby. They were swaying with her in their arms while looking down at her lovingly.

Surprised at myself—how did I not wake up when she made a sound or was crying? When you are a mother, you wake to the slightest sound your baby makes.

I immediately thought it must be her dad. (There are no other adults in the house … has to be, right? I was surprised that her dad woke up since my husband is a sound sleeper.)

I said aloud, “Did she wake up?” I waited. No reaction. No response. That was odd. This person did not look up and even acknowledge I spoke. Something is different here.

I slowly looked over at my husband’s place in bed; he was still there … sleeping.

Now, I am nervous. Who has my baby? I immediately looked back but they had disappeared. I jumped out of bed and checked on my baby. She was still laying there just as I had left her. Whew! What a relief.

I know the person holding my daughter had to be her spirit guide (or guardian angel). It was a VERY loving scene. Her angel wore white clothes, with what seemed to be drawstring pants. My baby girl was swaddled in her loose blanket. In hindsight, it was very cool to see such a loving sight.

Angels and spirit guides are always watching over us

One of my first instincts was to see a psychic. He assured me that this was fine. He felt that it was my daughter’s uncle from a long time ago, maybe even from a past life.

This is years before I read my first book on the subject of past lives. It is like over time, this information was presented to me … to prepare me to be open to the subject.


About Karen Kubicko I found my joy in studying and participating in past life regressions. Ask me any question on past life regression and I will blog the answer. By re-experiencing my own personal past lives, I’ve learned a great deal about myself on multiple levels. I have remembered nearly forty past lives. Through total immersion into each memory, I have released a variety of unfounded fears, explained relationships, alleviated health issues, reawakened psychic talents and explained my fondness of certain time periods and geographic locations. When you personally remember a past life, you can heal yourself of health issues and phobias. Do you have any unfounded fears or phobias in your life? Do you have a nagging health issue? Are these issues unfounded in your current lifetime? Think about it. In my book, Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I share some of these lifetimes with you, in hopes that I will inspire and excite you to take your own spiritual journey. It is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. We experience several lives here on Earth to learn and to grow. I invite you to embrace this classroom we call Earth and get to know why you are truly here in this lifetime. xoxox Karen
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10 Responses to My Daughter’s Guardian Angel Visits with Love

  1. Yes that would have been a scary moment for any mother. Very special story. Even if you had known it all then, probably would have started you still. Thank you for sharing

  2. Katia says:

    Fascinating. I am always very curios about the ‘paranormal’ shall we say, for lack of a better definition (I’m sure you can correct me and present a better alternative). I think that watching such a scene unfold would probably terrify me. It’s interesting that you were able to remain relatively calm. Was there something calming in that entity’s presence?

    • Hello Katia ~ Thank you for visiting my blog! Paranormal is a fine word for spirits. I have always been calm when I have seen ghosts or spirits. (It has not been that often over my lifetime.)

      The scene was so loving, I had nothing to be afraid of while watching it.

      I was a little freaked out afterwards when it disappeared. I jumped out of bed to check on my baby. She slept in our bed for a long time after this day. However, I think if had I known then, what I know now—about angels and spirit guides, I would most likely have felt more calm afterwards.

      One of my main life lessons has been “We are always there for each other in life as well as in death.” This is one of my life lessons in this lifetime now, too. Here is just one example.

      What a blessing to witness the love from above.

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  4. What a touching sight for you!!

  5. Lilla says:

    This is an amazing post, an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you for sharing this amazing & beautiful story. I thought about it on & off all day yesterday after I read it … it was very comforting every time I thought of it, especially the visual your described of the angel holding your baby.

    • Thank you Cherie Bomb. I think about this day often. I would not have believed it had I not seen it myself.

      When I started participating in past life regressions, I never expected to be able to confirm how often others are “there” for us. I have seen my spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones during my regressions—all upon my death in a past life memory. It is truly amazing. I cried every time.

      How nice it is to know that someone loves us so much to be with us, watching over us all the time.

  7. This is beautiful. My stepmother tells a similar story about when I was a little kid. She says that shortly after my paternal grandmother died, my stepmother went into my room and saw Mammy sitting on the edge of my bed while I slept. I was maybe 4 or 5 at the time; 15 years later, my stepmother still speaks of it.

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