What Did Past Life Regression Solve for Me?

While I have healed on so many levels and in so many ways, it still comes back to what made me so passionate to get started in all of this. It all leads back to this story: I was diagnosed with asthma around 1997. I was known to take up to six different medications when I would get a cold or asthma flare-up since that time. I never liked taking so much medication, but I needed to breathe. Asthma is an extremely frustrating dis-ease.

In 2004, I read Carol Bowman’s book, Children’s Past Lives. She also had issues with getting sick a few times a year and was cured when she remembered a few past lives with breathing issues. I was inspired with insatiable passion.

If she can do it, so can I.

The first past life that I remembered (self-hypnosis) had an immediate effect on my breathing. The first time I went to a regression therapist (2005), my focus was on any past life that was breathing related. I was not there to remember the fun, exciting, easy past lives. I delved right into being drowned, burned, hung and others.

I put most of my focus on past lives on hold several years to raise my young children. By early 2010, I had reduced all my asthma medications to two. In the fall of 2010, I tried a new, lower-dose medication and got a chest cold. Two months later, I was hospitalized for nearly a week since I could not breathe – not even to talk. One doctor said I was dying. I woke up in the hospital with the continuation of one of my more frequently remembered past lives (also a continuation of the very first one I remembered) and made a huge realization of the similarities on my current life/past life and my breathing. I went home two days later from the hospital.

Over the next year, I stopped taking any asthma medication. Since February 2012, I have not taken any medications for asthma. I sit here breathing clearly as I type.

A beautiful tree in Hawai'i - Doesn't it look like a lung with all those branches?

What a breath of fresh air.

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