Why Do We Love Obscure, Odd Little Things?

Why do I love the little pink lamp with the fringe that hangs way down? What about the cute, short, wavy 1920’s hairstyles – Yes, I love them lots. Hearing the French language makes me melt. Oui, mon amie, pour sûr. Bracelets – I have to have them.

The sound of the harpsichord nearly brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it on the AM channel. At that time, I did not even know what the instrument was. I remember the moment I heard it as a child. I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom playing with my new alarm clock. I slowly move the dial for the radio. Click, click, click. I move it notch by notch looking for a decent song. I stop when I hear the music of the harpsichord. I somehow knew it was a familiar sound I loved. But without worldly experience and no musicians in our house – how?


Why do we love obscure, odd things?

I have remembered a past life for each of my obscure little loves. And I had that “Aha” moment each time I made the correlation.

I am writing Chapter 23 “Love and Hate” for my book Life is Just another Class – One Soul’s Journey through Past Life Regression. (I am at 2000 words and counting for this chapter.) Now as I sit here typing away, I am wondering what is your sweet, little, obscure love in this lifetime?

Dare I ask – do you know why?

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