Past lives found at the library

A popular show on television called “That’s Incredible” inspired me to find more information on hard to believe subjects at our local library. I could not find anything on my usual first floor – children’s literature – part of the library. I gingerly ventured to the “adult” section. I felt very grown up all of a sudden just walking up to their area on the second floor.

I was excited when I came across a book that had all kinds of short chapters on interesting incredible stories. The one that stands out in my mind is this… A hypnotherapist discovered that if they hypnotized a person and asked them to go back 80 years before their death; they were nearly always thrown into the midst of a previous lifetime.

The law of attraction brought me to this book, for I found it not long after passing by a girl I instantly knew I had known from a past life. I was intrigued. Is there more than just this life?


About Karen Kubicko I found my joy in studying and participating in past life regressions. Ask me any question on past life regression and I will blog the answer. By re-experiencing my own personal past lives, I’ve learned a great deal about myself on multiple levels. I have remembered nearly forty past lives. Through total immersion into each memory, I have released a variety of unfounded fears, explained relationships, alleviated health issues, reawakened psychic talents and explained my fondness of certain time periods and geographic locations. When you personally remember a past life, you can heal yourself of health issues and phobias. Do you have any unfounded fears or phobias in your life? Do you have a nagging health issue? Are these issues unfounded in your current lifetime? Think about it. In my book, Life Is Just Another Class – One Soul’s Journey Through Past Life Regression, I share some of these lifetimes with you, in hopes that I will inspire and excite you to take your own spiritual journey. It is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. We experience several lives here on Earth to learn and to grow. I invite you to embrace this classroom we call Earth and get to know why you are truly here in this lifetime. xoxox Karen
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